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Great Big Sea
Great Big Sea

Background information
Origin St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Genre(s) Celtic Rock
Years active 1993—present
Label(s) Rounder Records
Warner Music Canada
Website Website
Alan Doyle
Séan McCann
Bob Hallett
Murray Foster
Kris MacFarlane
Former members
Darrell Power

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Great Big Sea Lyrics

"Penelope" lyrics

(written by C. Hynes)

Every day-ay-ay-ay-ay yeah

Penelope works in the market
Down in the coconut trees
She's saving up all her money
To go to America across the sea

She once had an uncle
He lived in Detroit town
And they got all his post cards
But his body has never been found

To this day-ay-ay-ay-ay yeah
To this day-ay-ay-ay yeah
To this day-ay-ay-ay-ay yeah
To this day-ay-ay-ay yeah

She got a job as a domestic
Workin' for the minimum wage
To all her friends back home in Jamaica
They say, "You really got it made in the shade!"

But they don't see her sweat and grind
And her bended on her knees
She wishes she was back in Jamaica
Beneath the coconut trees

Every day-ay-ay-ay-ay yeah
Every day-ay-ay-ay yeah
Every day-ay-ay-ay-ay yeah
Every day-ay-ay-ay yeah


Penelope's back in the market
She found what it was all about.
No, no, she doesn't regret it
She's just glad that she got out.

But others aren't so lucky
They're there 'til the day they die
Trapped in the steel and concrete
No beach, no moon, no sky


Every day, yeah (x2)

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