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Background information
Origin Lugano, Switzerland
Genre(s) Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Years active 1992—present
Label(s) Nuclear Blast
Website Website
Leo Leoni
Freddy Scherer
Marc Lynn
Hena Habegger
Former members
Mandy Meyer
Steve Lee

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Gotthard Lyrics

"Looking At You" lyrics

In all the games I've played
It seems the dice were always wrong
Never stood a chance, and I know
But I found a love so good
That I wanna hold it
It's something that I'll have to see through

Looking at you, looking at me
What a solid gold love, this could be
Something that I'll never know
Looking at you, looking at me
I see a bird of love, to set me free
We can make it, on our own

I came up the hard way
Just alive on one night stands
I was never looking for another kind
And I'll bet you one night
Ooh, when we were holding hands
I knew that I've found my peace of mind


So don't let me wait too long
Cuz' I can't live another day without your love
I need to know baby...

[Chorus 2x]

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