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Gosling Lyrics

"Chemical Drive" lyrics

The moon is out tonight
But it's just another guiding light.
But I've already got some
I said I've got some
I've got so many that they fight.

Venus is shining down a light,
On all the chickies tonight.
But I've already got one
I said I've got one.
But I wonder if she's right.

Cause me and her we don't get along,
Yeah me and her we don't like the same songs.
If I could rearrange destiny,
I'd put it back where it used to be.
Where me and her we could get along.

Airplanes are spinning through the sky.
I wanted one for you and I.
And I thought that I had one,
Thought I really had one
But who knows where it's taking flight.

(to Refrain)

Something is changing can't you see,
Something inside our chemistry.
I just can't figure out,
All that we fight about
But then again answers don't grow on trees.

(to Refrain)

Yeah me and you we don't get along.
Yeah me and you we don't get along.

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