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Gosling Lyrics

"Afraid Of Nineveh" lyrics

Jonah falls asleep inside the cabin of the boat
The ocean swells and the sailors yell it’s Jonah whose at fault
Watch for sharks and whales and tread the water while you can
Drown the boy and then revive the man

Do do do do do do do do

Jonah lays awake inside the gullet of the fish
He’s got no magazines to read, he’s got no cigarettes
The stomach acid turns and he’s spit up onto the sand
The bleach strips off the boy and leaves a man

Do do do do do do do do

When everything is washed away and nothings left to lose
The curses turn to dust and all the blessings turn to shoes
Well tonight I lay awake inside the belly of my room
I feel the need to put behind the life that I’ve been through
But Nineveh’s confusing so how will I understand
I fall asleep a boy and wake a man

Do do do do do do do do

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