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Background information
Origin Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Genre(s) Pop Rock
Alternative Rock
Years active 2007—present
Label(s) Fearless Records
Associated acts Mayday Parade
Website Website
Jason Lancaster
Alex Reed
Matt 'Burns' Poulos
Steven Kopacz
Former members
Tony Planas
Patrick Hosey

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Go Radio Lyrics

"Kill The Beast" lyrics

You put yourself onto the cross
And build your wounds to cover spite
So I can't be the man that martyrs you tonight
Cause we're all paying heavy costs
So leave your speeches with your soapbox
We might be patient but we're still lost
Spitting blood and bleeding all of us
Just look what you've become
Will you answer now to the found and to the hopeless

And if I could leave this place a memory locked up with my darkest secrets
I'd be alright it's what we need but especially me
So cover sins in rhythms beating tell the ones who once retreated
We killed the beast we're all home free
If home is where they wanna be

Count this emotion as a scar
Just a healed but dark reminder
A long and steady marker of the holes you dug in me

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