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Gnarls Barkley
Gnarls Barkley

Background information
Origin Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre(s) Neo-soul
Alternative Rock
Alternative Hip-Hop
Years active 2003—present
Label(s) Warner Bros. Records
Downtown Records
Website Website
Cee-Lo Green
Danger Mouse

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Gnarls Barkley Lyrics

"Who's Gonna Save My Soul" lyrics

Got some bad news
This morning
Which en turn made my day
When this someone
Spoke i listen
Ohh a sudden has less
And less to say
Oooo how could this be
All this time
I lived by carrsioly
Who's gonna save my soul now
Who's gonna save my soul now
How will story
Ever be told now
How will story be told now

Made me fell like somebody
Like somebody else
Although he was imatied often
Feel like i would be myself
It a shame
That someone elses song
Was totally
And completely depended on

Who's ganna sang my song now
Who's ganna sang my song now
I wonder
If i will live grow old now
Getting high
Cause i feel so lone now
I may be just a little selfish
All i have is the memory
Yet i never start to wonder
Is it possible
You hurt worse than me
still my heart turns to greed
cause what about what i need
An aahh
Who's gon save my soul now
Whooo's gon save my soul now
Oo i know
I'm out of control now
Tired enough
To lay my own soul down

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