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Background information
Origin Dalmarnock, Glasgow, Scotland
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Years active 2003—present
Label(s) Columbia Records
Website Website
James Allan
Rab Allan
Paul Donoghue
Jonna Löfgren
Former members
Ryan Ross
Caroline McKay

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Glasvegas Album

Glasvegas (09/08/2008)
. . .

why you not home yet
baby its getting late
i wish you would be home by now.
door bell rings
who could it be at this time
police on my left and right
my son’s not coming home tonight

baby, they don’t need to show
its over, i know
baby, they don’t need to show
flowers and football tops, i know
baby, baby, baby, why you?

no sweeping exits
no hollywood endings
flowers and football tops
don’t mean a thing.

my baby is six feet under
just another number
my daughter without her brother

baby, they don’t need to show
its over, i know
baby, they don’t need to show
flowers and football tops, i know

my baby is gone…

(you are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when skies are grey
i hope you noticed
how much i loved you
how could they take my sunshine away)

. . .

when your sparkle evades your soul
i`ll be at your side to console
when your standing on the window ledge
i`ll talk you back from the edge
i will turn your tide
be your shepard and your guide
when your lost in the deep and darkest place around
may my words walk you home safe and sound
when you say that im no good and you feel like walking
i need to make sure you know thats just the prescription talking
when your feet decide to walk you on the wayward side
up upon the stairs and down the downward slide
i will turn your tide
do all that i can to heal you inside
i`ll be the angel on your shoulder
my name is geraldine, im your social worker

i see you need me
i know you do

. . .

let the raining teardrops rain down on me tonight
i think making up, faking up stories is alright
tick tock stop the clock, fiction is my thing
my attitude is always i and me and mine

oh i’m so clever, i'm so clever, i'm so clever
until my paranoia kicks in then i’ll accuse her
of doing all the worst things i do best
its funny how me fucking her about
has got me in this fucking mess

liar liar liar liar pants on fire
lies alibis lies more alibis
from the truth, i admit i’m more than shy
ain’t it the times we are living in
everybody’s doing it so why cant i?

i tally up tonight’s strangers
and stragglers that i’ve kissed
training ground notches, perfectly executed notches
and near misses
its all about going out and getting pissed with eagle eyes
and sincerity bottom on my list
what’s the story morning glory?
i feel so low and worthless, yeah

so this is where the outcome unfurls and the truth is being told
a cloud has gathered over my head and now i know
infidelity and my good friend ecstacy doesn’t work, it makes you worse
i’m feeling so guilty about the things i said to my mum when i was ten year old
i’m feeling so guilty about any old shit
and how i think my missus is fucking every guy that she looks at
this is it, this is it, this is it, this it
the end was always coming and now its here

so this is the grande finale
the crescendo of demise
this is the happy ending
where the bad guy goes down and dies
this is the end
with me on my knees and wondering why?
cross my heart, hope to die
its my own cheating heart that makes me cry

. . .

lonesome swan
tell me what is wrong?
so you feel that we've all moved on
and you're feeling so alone?

kids can be cruel
you know that's fair to say
but remember when the kids once said
you were queen of the waves upon the ocean bed

you were the dream boat pedalo
but now that's all in the past
but let me tell you that this loneliness will pass
and be a part of the past also

so for now dust down your weary sails
for tomorrow is a bright new day
with someone waiting in the wings
to pedal with you upon the ocean waves

. . .

if he wants to fight you
at the school gates
half past four grab your bag
don’t you be late
if he wants to hit you
hit you in the face
if he wants to hurt you
in front of your mates
if he wants you to run away
run away run away
dont you fucking run away

go square go!

dont you wait for the bell
to ring ding-a-ling-a-ling
one step forward then a
don’t you make me
go down to the pub
with all my mates knowing
some individual smashed you up
its just something
that you’ll have to face
face to face
man to man
here and now
biff bang pow

go square go!

i don’t really feel too good
my heart is beating faster
my dad told me
not to come home
if I don’t kill this bastard
my dad is right, my dad is right
my dad is right, my dad is right
win, lose or draw the fight
this bullying has got to stop tonight

here we, here we
here we fucking go

. . .

fate fatal fate
an act of hate that greets my fall from grace
these days I’m seeing things in a different light
these days its Mr. moonlight who shines through my cell at night
Mr. moonlight I’ve polmont on my mind

. . .

how you are my hero
how your never here though
remember times when you put me on your shoulders
how i wish it was forever you would hold us
right now im too young to know
how in the future it will affect me when you go
you could have had it all
you, me, and mum y`know
anything was possible

i wont be the lonley one
sitting on my own and sad
a fifty year old
reminiscing what i had

i wont be the lonley one
sitting on my own and sad
forget your dad, he's gone

all i wanted was a kick-a-bout in the park
for you to race me home when it was nearly getting dark
how i could've been yours, and you be mine
it could've been me and you until the end of time
do what you want, when you want
be as fuckin' insincere as you can
what kind of way is that to treat your wife
to see your son on saturdays
what way is that to live your life?

i wont be the lonley one
sitting on my own and sad
a fifty year old
reminiscing what i had

i wont be the lonley one
sitting on my own and sad
forget your dad, he's gone

. . .

I'm gonnae get stabbed
The Baltic Fleeto are up my arse
No cavalry could ever save me
I'm gonnae get stabbed.

You dont want to stab me,
you dont want to stab me,
cos you dont know my family
and our capabilities.
You dont want to stab me.

I had my choice, I took my choice
That was to stall the Fleeto Boys
but now I find myself running for my life
I seen their swords and their knives
and I changed my mind.

Its time to go,
its time to run.
You better run rabbit run rabbit run rabbit run.
You better Run rabbit run.

. . .

Winter blues no love for you
Seasons change in a gothic way
10,000 lux to light us up
In these winter nights if I’m wandering all alone

I’ll turn on my S.A.D. light

As I’m staring at Alpha Centauri
All I can see is low its glow seems so far
How did I get to this point of things playing
So heavy on my heart
Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

I’ll turn on my S.A.D. light

. . .

There’s a storm on the horizon
And for that I can’t see the sun
For I’ll keep a waiting on the pavement
For the ice-cream van to come

Its die hard hate to follow
And I’ll not follow that
The marching people running round my head
Running round my head I don’t know why

Why can’t we see
Straight through the powers that be
Who keep us breaking each others hearts
And keeping us apart, keeping us apart

Destroying the ground where gruesome lays
Sectarianism and the hurtful racist ways
Bring back the glory days
Active citizenship
And pure community
Freedom of faith

There’s a storm on the horizon…

. . .

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