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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Background information
Birth name Samuel Lloyd Duckworth
Born January 30, 1986
Origin Southend, Essex, England
Genre(s) Indie Rock
Years active 2004—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Cooking Vinyl
Website Website

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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Lyrics

"Hand Me Downs" lyrics

Hand Me Downs.

I didn't know what was the matter,
i didn't know where to start.
i'd lost my sense of energy
and id lost my sense of heart.

In the midst of lost and loneliness
in a rose hue picture frame,
passion and objectivity
were calling out my name.

To aid this new confusion
i was having too much fun,
in the gloomy pubs of Brixton
and the fleeting autumn sun.

I was running far too quickly
that my legs could not keep up,
i fell spread eagle on my face,
dignity bit the dust.

And the silence was frozen...

I woke up far too early,
i was sleeping far too late.
the alarm clock was redundant
and the mattress forgot my frame.

A broken television,
so to drown out all the trains.
to drag me from self pity,
united by fate.

I'd learnt all of my lessons,
from vagrant, household names,
i found some friends amongst the shelves
so here's to Dave and Jay,

I'd learnt more from transit vans and Bragg,
than i'd ever learnt in class,
a lifelong education, from punk rock 101.

And the silence was broken...

through ups and downs,
through lost and founds,
your voice will never let me down.

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