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Gerald Levert

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Gerald Levert Lyrics

"Made To Love Ya" lyrics

[Verse 1]

I recalled when we first met, a long
time ago. How could I forget the way
I felt, when I first laid eyes on
you. I remember saying to my friends,
there is my future wife; and then, I
took the steps to meet someone who
would change my life.

It had to be my destiny


Cuz, I was made to love ya/my hands
to touch ya/my arms to hold ya/my legs
to stand/my time to spend,with you
forever. I was made, made to love ya.
My lips to kiss ya/my eyes to see
you/my legs to stand/my time to spend
with you forever and ever. I was made
[I was made] made to love ya [made to
love ya.]

[Verse 2]

I remember our first date, our first
argument. Our very first break up to
make up, that got us to this moment.
And every girlfriend and every one
night stand, every heartbreak, every
heartache, led me to ya, it drove me
to ya, made me better, better suited
for ya.

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Repeat Chorus with adlibs]

I was made, made, my lips to kiss,
these eyes of mine, oh baby, baby,
baby, together, I was made, I was made
to love you, love you, my hands. Only
you me and God knows, how deep this
love goes, baby ,oh baby, baby, I was
made, my lips to kiss you, my eyes
to see you, my legs to stand for you
and only you baby. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh

[Repeat Chorus]

I was made to love you, all over the
world you will be girl baby, Baby, oh
oh , forever and ever. How long is
eternity? That's how long we'll be
together. Forever. My legs won't stand
without ya. No, No, No, No, No, Oh! made
to love you baby From head to toe, only
you, me and God knows. I was made, made
to ya

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