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Gerald Levert

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Gerald Levert Lyrics

"Long Hot Summer" lyrics

Summertime, uh yeah
Summertime, tank tops, flip flops

1 - Pardon me miss
Ain't seen you round these parts before
And I'd be much obliged to show you around
Give you a tour
No mind, you'll find that girl
You shouldn't be alone
So here's my name and my number
It's gonna be a long hot summer

I wasn't looking for nothin' in particularly
Girl you went by and I had to see
How long can I come, you wanted to be staying here
Cuz the closest thing I seen to you
Was standing on a TV screen, or a magazine
And they could use some tips my dear

(Uh, wait girl) Think that might be forward babe
(Uh, who you with) Oh well maybe you could tell me later
(To, you got a child?) Cuz I wanna be your baby father
(I guess that was kinda fowl) Get over it
And hello

Repeat 1

It's summertime, every time (With some new friends)
Six flags, ice cream (Just chillin')
Top down, to the beach (Skinny dippin')
Picnics and old jams (Playin')
Tank tops, see you in your shorts now
Barbeque on the grill (Do you feel me)
Volly ball in the pool (Actin' silly)
(Think about) Cuz I ain't gonna be waiting
(Donuts and now) I know it's alot baby
(Bring your friends too) You never really told me
(Girl I'm wanting you)
Don't wanna spend the summer alone babe, no

Repeat 1

Say boo, can you accomodate me
(Tank top, flip flops)
Ain't had no summer diamond lately
(Uh, feel me baby)
I really wanna get on with ya
(Uh, barbeque on the grill)
Cuz gigolos (in the pool) get lonely too
(Skinny dippin', let's chill)
I'll knock until you hear me (Summertime)
Bet you ain't had a playa like me
(But I don't wanna spend the summer alone, no)
Don't throw away my name and number
Let's enjoy this long hot summer babe, summer babe

Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade

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