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G. Love And Special Sauce
G. Love And Special Sauce

Background information
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Genre(s) Alternative Hip-Hop
Years active 1992—present
Label(s) Brushfire Records
Garrett Dutton
Jeffrey Clemens
Mark Boyce
Timo Shanko
Former members
Jimi Prescott

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G. Love And Special Sauce Lyrics

"Love" lyrics

Baby we've been through a lot
And times sure have changed
Everybody's leaving town
Looking for better things
But I found what I want
And I got no problem working
I wish to god
That my heart would stop hurting
Shops closing down
Factories outdated
People so frustrated
My whole life is changing
Just trying to find some solid ground
A little house with a picket fence
How's that sound

Love is all I need
Love is all I need

I've seen tears that are
Falling like leaves from the trees
Threw away the keys
But this town is where we're born
And this town is where we're staying
I'll never ever turn my back
On you ever again
Come on let's be together
I got some money put aside
And if I make it big
Would you take a little ride
Would you promise to always
Stay by my side
Woudl you give me true love
And have nothing to hide
Would you give my your love
Would you give me your love
Would you give me your love
If you want to give me your love babe
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
We can make a change in our life babe
It's alright
It's alright

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