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Background information
Birth name John David Jackson
Born November 18, 1977
Born place Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1998—present
Label(s) Def Jam Recordings
Desert Storm Records
Associated acts Nate Dogg
Red Cafe
Paul Cain

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Fabolous Album

Real Talk (11/09/2004)
Exodus (by Black Ice)
Tit 4 Tat (feat. Pharrell)
Baby (feat. Mike Shorey)
Church (feat. Charlie Murphy)
Do The Damn Thing (feat. Young Jeezy)
Holla At Somebody Real (feat. Lil' Mo)
It's Alright (feat. Sean Paul)
Young And Sexy (feat. Mike Shorey & Pharrell)
Ghetto (feat. Thara)
Po Po (feat. Nate Dogg & Paul Cain)
. . .

(Performed by Black Ice)

My youngins get it fucked up when ya'll talk about the game
Like it's designed in their favor
Like it ain't outlined for them to waiver
Their rights for a lil' bit of fame
Get in bullshit fights for a lil' name
To get noticed by some niggas that don't give two fucks about you
Tell em' you don't do the jives and shucks, and they route you to the shelf
See there's no money in good health
So they need you to be sick with it, ill content and delivery niggas
This nation thrives off misery niggas
So if you ain't trying to let your hard times increase your wealth
Niggas keep that progressive shit to yourself
This is the business of buying souls, and we only tryin' to fuck with those who
trying to sell them
See, they may see me as an adversary cuz they know I'm tryin' to tell them
About the forest of artists who grow only to meet industry axes
How they take niggas dreams and write then off in their taxes
Contracts is confusing, but don't worry they'll appoint you a lawyer for you
whore you
Loan you funds to fuck your soul make you pay it back and still maintain control
of your stroll
Your tracks and your hot ass slow flow
They'll keep you looking good and all that, but no dough
You see when that get a bitch, they got a bitch
And contrary to popular opinion it ain't my sistas that switch
It's my brothers
We the dumb motherfuckers
Hardest niggas in the streets turned industry suckers
Cuz we refused to do the knowledge
Nigga, you can't learn this music game in the streets or in college
So you betta pick up a book or something
Or fuck it, FAB will put it in a hook or something
Hope that you listen to it
Got you pumpin' that poison while they paint them illusionary parades and keep
pissin' thru it
You pussies don't know the price or the sacrifices that this industry makes real

. . .

[Verse 1]
It's been a year and some change
And I've been hearin' some things
That there's some motherfuckers tryin' to be me
But ain't none of these motherfuckers tryin' to see me
So I won't stop, and I don't stop, yeah

It's like everywhere I look and everywhere I go
I'm hearin' muh'fucka's tryin'a steal my flow
But it ain't no thing cause see my nigga J.O
Put me up on the game when I stepped through the do'
Now I done been so many places and seen so many faces
But none of these motherfuckers do it like me
Don't no motherfuckin' click do it like we
Guess I'm doin' the right thing like Spike Lee
See they talk like they some ho's, I walk like I'm supposed
But if they get in the way they get stepped on
It's the hundred-thou with the bling kept on
Dippin' on my semi-automatic weap-on
I ain't playin' no games, and I ain't sayin' no names
Nigga put the shoes on if they fit you
Well there's two things that I'm gon' admit to
That I won't stop, and I don't stop

It don't stop
And it won't stop
And it don't stop
It don't stop, it won't stop
It don't stop
And it won't stop
And it don't stop
It don't stop, it won't stop

[Verse 2]
I take whatever come wit the wealth, and even humble myself
But I ain't the kinda nigga you can style on
I got a coupe that I'm finna' put some miles on
And I ride on these niggaz wit a smile on
See I'm 'bout stackin' money but when they start actin' funny
I fall back and all a man do is laugh
I'm the kinda player that ain't gotta do the draft
Buncha hits, couple plaques nigga do the math
But a nigga must be gone for gettin' his hustle on
So I had to come through and take the corner back
And I'm back wit the rubber bands on a stack
Nigga quit or take what I give on a pack
Girls still think I'm fly
Blow kiss and wink the eye
And tell me they wanna go somewhere and freak off
I tell 'em I would love to stop and take the week off
But I won't stop, and I don't stop


[Verse 3]
I listen to niggaz flippin' my lines
And be grippin' my nine
Like damn niggaz flip and only spit game
Niggaz comin' at me tryin' to get names
Niggaz lookin like me tryin' to get fame
See first it didn't matter, and I was a little flattered
But now these young boys they gettin' too grown
Like I ain't show 'em how to rock jewels two toned
But it won't stop, and it don't stop


It's like everywhere I look and everywhere I go
I'm hearin' muh'fucka's tryin'a steal my flow
But it ain't no thing cause see my nigga J.O.

. . .

On them streets
You better keep your hand on them heats
And live what you sayin' on them beats
Real talk..

[Verse 1]
They ain't walkin' the walk, they just talkin' the talk
Some people look at me as the real talk of New York
I ain't these like these niggaz who be feinin' to front
Like they the first to ever put green in a blunt
Look I don't be meaning to stunt, but I zip down like jeans in the front
In somethin' that you seen and you want
But otherwise I'm cool wit' it
They say only the ones who never had gon' get and act a fool wit' it
Everybodys' gangsta through the promotion
Even if they raised in a house wit' a view of the ocean
The bangers is growin' upset
Cuz' ya' ass is on t.v. throwin' up sets
And you know you ain't like that
But you'll say that you is
Go and rent a bunch a shit and and then say that its his
You ain't a pimp or you wouldn't go to dinner wit' groupies
Ain't a baller cuz' you wouldn't put spinners on hoopties

[Hook 2X]
1-2-3; you don't really wanna fuck wit me
Get in the way you could get yourself shot
Fuck the cops, you on my block
Fuckin' wit a gangsta nigga

[Verse 2]
How can niggaz say they be on the other side of the seas'
Where the steering wheels are on the other side of the v's
And the home look like the spot on the other side of the c's
When they ain't never been on the other side of the p's
I ca' see through em', ya tents are too light
Every sentence you write is far from the truth
You wanna be that nigga you are in the booth
But you ain't got the heart, the scars, or the proof
And now you flash ya' shirt tag in our grill
But I'm hearin' you was a dirtbag before the deal
You walk around talkin' how every dime sucked
When they don't even speak to you, nevermind fucked you
Ya' hood sayin' don't come back
Step foot in here, and they gon' put you where you won't come back
Dog, how the fuck you gon' have keys in ya' house
When ya' moms' won't even give you keys to the house loser


[Verse 3]
Nigga you in the mirror, checkin' what your make ups' lookin' like
Tryina fool the world wit' a Jacob look-a-like
Jiving like you hold stacks
But ya' car is ten years old homie, ya' drivin' in a throwback
They gon' strip you, have you runnin' naked next
Without security you like unprotected sex
You ain't never gon' finger a trigger
All you do is look in the mugshot book and finger a nigga
I real recognize real, you'd be a john doe
You livin' in a closet and call it a condo
I don't member you as a slinger that was on the bench
Just a little scrub ass ringer in the tournaments
Now they try to blame the fall of hip hop on fans
Nah, I think its these hip hop con mans
Studio gangstas is played out now
This ain't the eighties, battle raps'll get you layed out


1-2-3; and any time that you on them streets
You better keep your hand on them heats
And live what you sayin' on them beats
Real talk
Real talk
It's really really really really real talk
It's really really really really real talk
It's really really really really real talk

. . .

It's g-a-n-g-s-t-a
That's how it be and it's gon' say (Y'all know whoooooooo)
That's how it be when you see me
That's how it be in NYC (Y'all know whoooooooo)
If it's me it's got to be
If it's me it's got to be
G-a-n-g-s-t-a (Y'all know whoooooooo)

[Verse One]
I'm still living la vida loca
Where hoes sell prices on weed or coke-a
For the hustlers, for the customers, trust the buzz
It's have you makin' one of the sounds that Busta does (woo HAH!)
They love me just because
I'm in the gallardo, laughing like Ricky Ricardo (Ha ha ha ha)
With the 4-pounder, pretty gangsta nigga
I'm the co-founder, I know the difference between pimps and hoe-hounders
I can tell when they ain't learn to lean
They gold cups missing stones, turning green
I roll up wrist in chrome, burning green like what's good


[Verse Two]
God was in a good mood, on the day he made me
I'm from the projects, it's the way it made me
And I wouldn't change it for nothing
I stay on point, that's 'cuz I know the danger of stuntin'
But the aim is like I'll be at the ranges or somethin'
It takes a gangsta, to know a gangsta
That's why we look at you like a stranger or somethin'
'Cuz we can tell by the body language you frontin'
And it take a little more than lettin' ya pants sag
Ya sand bag, tryna jump on the band wag
I'll put the red dot on you like a Japan flag
You need some high heels and a handbag


[Verse Three]
I'm in the ten minutes to nine, leanin' on 'em
Like I'm ten minutes behind, fuck a hundred shots
Give me a .40 cal wit' ten in it, I'm fine
Just spray, and shit'll get you ten minute of shine
Keep a friend in it, that's ten cented for mine
Keep the rims in it, that spin in it for mine
Can't see him in it, I been tinted up mine
But you know a nigga look oh so gangsta
Oh no thank ya, I earned my key
My name'll get you fucked up, and burners tee
That's gangsta love, from the heart
Yo I told y'all from the start
And now (y'all know whoooooooo)
Keep it G'd up, I can't slow down, these creep's speed up
Cali bringin' peeps and weed up
I'm coming through with a bunch of girls that'll deep a seed up
(It's a gangsta party)


[Random scratching until fade]

. . .

(feat. Pharrell Williams)

[scratched] "tit - tit tat"

[Intro - Fabolous (Pharrell)]
Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!)
Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!)
Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!)
It's my world! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!)
Ya heard?! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!)
Real Talk pha-real, ask my nigga Pharrell, ya heard?! Haha!

[Verse - Fabolous]
You see I do's what I choose on shiny twenty-two's
Be's what I please in brand new Bentleys
That's right stupid! Soon as they couped it, I went and scooped it
Now I'm on the move, on the move
Running the City, something like Diddy
At 150, wit the gun and the cd (wow!)
Niggaz who be hunting for biddies
Never seen nothing this pretty, and they lying if they say they do
They bring the playa through like they bring the mayor through
They know the way I do is what the AK'll do
Listen here we can disappear for a day or two
Bet you come back smiling like Mase, c'mon!
Like Case say 'Touch Me, Tease Me'
But the Top Dawg tell her it must be easy
I'm in the white cut E-Veezy
Ashton Cuts be freezy, it must be easy!

[Chorus - Pharrell Williams]
See I ain't keep going tit for tat your ass ma
If your ass ain't talking right
Well you can stop acting boughie, asking for sushi
If fucking ain't your plans tonight, ya hear me?!
See I ain't keep going tit for tat your ass ma
If your ass ain't talking right
You can go back to being groupie in your Dapper Dan Gucci
If fucking ain't your plans tonight, ya hear me?!

[Fabolous] Girl move it like! Girl move it like!
Girl move it like! Girl move it like.

[Verse - Fabolous]
You see I bop to the beat of the streets since I was born
Move like they would in the hood until I'm gone
The girls know my paper denim, keep paper in em
As soon as they change the shapes I'm in em
The BAPEs they send em wit snake skin in em
To the kid in the city wit the scrapers in em
(Nowww!) I move to left like.. then I move to the right like
They follow the need to follow my lead
Do the do then swallow my seed, like
You can leave the spot you cramped in
Live in the Hamptons like a champion
Refuse to choose the, use the loser
Don't let the hydro moves confuse ya
And pass on a stunner to go wit a fronter
If you wanna do the kick it then go wit a punter


[Verse - Fabolous]
You see the white's so bright it's hard to be polite
The yellow's so mellow I have to act ghetto
Hello, my name is - fuck that! I'm famous
Y'all ain't the same as, F-a to the B
I don't know what it be, baby girl could it be
You ain't see how good it be rolling wit me?
Like - get me on or get me gone
It's at least 22's that they sit me on
I'm in the Ice Cream shoes, nice gleam too
Crack the button up so the ice beam through
You could wake up wit regrets, or wake up in a jet
Fixing you hairdo in a Jacob wit baguettes girl


[Outro - ad-libs]

. . .

(Featuring Mike Shorey)

Fab... [5X]
Can you be my B-A-B-Y?

[M.S.:] I'll never call another lover mine

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
And why would I, and why should I
When I seen a lady tonight, with my good eye that I would try and make
I was up in the club putting my hood high
When I saw you, and I stood by
Just lookin at your onion girl I could cry, and I could lie
I mean I could try and say you ain't sweep me off my feet
But only one thing could keep me off the street
And that's if you be my, B-A-B-Y
I can be why you always be fly
And I'm from B-Stuy, just like B.I...G. was, that's how F-A-B does
We can sip something 'til we both be buzzed
In a V-dub and that's only be-cause

[Chorus: Mike Shorey]
Need someone to be my (baby)
Kind of girl you find in the club rockin those (baby) Phat jeans
Gonna find someone to be my (baby)
..I see some ladies tonight that should be having my (baby, baby)

[Verse 2: Fab]
After the baby talk, the goo goo ga ga
You like this, that, you do bla bla
Couple good jokes, a few brouhaha's, it's time to do you mama
First I'ma put you on your back
And make you scream out (baby)..just like I put you on the track

Then I'ma lay you on your side
And slowly stroke you while you telling me the way you feel inside
But my sex drive won't make me play you on the side
You know you get the keys any day you wanna ride
And my baby know how to start me up
You got the kind of kiss that'll speed a heartbeat up
And you got the kind of touch that'll gimme the chills
I ask you cuz I know you gonna gimme it real
It won't be fake, and don't we make a good couple
And won't we make a good...(baby)?

[Bridge: Mike Shorey]
Ooh, if I seem just a bit taken, pardon me
But you're so amazing
I just want us to do this exclusively
Say you'll be my baby

[Verse 3: Fab]
My baby's the only one I bring to the villa
That can get the bling and the scrilla
Girl, I know you smooth enough to spring a chinchilla
And still take a sting of Tequila, the way you swing is a thriller
I'm watchin that like the boxing match in the ring of Manila
I wanna keep it comin like the singles of "Thriller"
I mean if you still B-A-B-Y


. . .

(Girls) Those that are bourgeois
Those that are hoochie
Those are usually in Gucci
(Girls) Some of them no good
Some of them so hood
But they all pros at you know what
(Girls) Local or overseas
They all go crazy over me
Don't matter what part of the world

Girls want to be part of my world

[Verse 1:]
Look, I done had my share
Bringin' round me, is a bad idea
I take Big or small, short or tall
Light or dark, I try them all
Cuz i like
From stupido groupie hoes
To one of these r&b group skio's
I need a slick mouth, thick south, brickhouse
Or i may date, a-rate playmate
Ten in the face, thin in the waist
Tight in the thighs, light in the eyes
Even those
Who think they the shit
I keep my
Walkin' on pedicured paws
Touchin' wit' manicured claws
If you waxed down, and tanned up
Then let me see ya hands up


[Verse 2:]
I like my
In four inch Christian Laboutins
Lips made for kissin' and poutin' i like my
Fat butt, flat gut, and that strut. to drive cat nuts
I like my Gangsta pretty, stank saditty
No change, only got frank and fitty's
Them Natural born fraks, wit blonde streaks,
Seven's on cheeks
My nothin'less than a dime piece
Pink face cartier time piece
I like my
Thug enough to cuss out cops
Wit' tits that'll bust out tops
I like my Classy and sassy,
Still know how to be nasty
Like my
Wit' no laws, no flaws
No bra's and no drwaws'
Those yours


[Verse 3:]
From the Asian to the Malaysian
I even had the Bahian to the Caucasian
I spend most the weekend
Wit' pretty Puerto and Costa Rican
Then again, I love Dominicians
And might be stylin' wit' a Italian
I be shakin for a Jamaican and Haitian
And take by the million if they they Brazilian
I'm sailin wit' a Australian
Or trafficin' wit' the south African
Panamian or Grenadian
You know I cross the border for a Canadian
I need a miss that's Swiss, a freak that's Greek
Or distinguished English
I fly in for a Hawaiian
And if you dont know who I am


Yeah, this Trackmasters, Desrt Storm, Street family.... Fabolous

. . .

(Featuring Charlie Murphy)

[Reverend preaching]
Ha ha ha haa
Brothers and sisters we're gathered here today
to listen to a young man that's on fiiya
You sittin in the church wit Reverend Charlie Murphy
and I'ma bring it to ya wit brother F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S

[Fab:] Preach, Brother preach
[Rev.:] Fabolous
[Fab:] Preach Brother preach
[Rev.:] Preach to 'em Brother, Church
[Fab:] Yea, Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh

[Verse 1]
Yo, I preach through my raps
God is watchin me I still reach to my strap
Broads is watchin me they wanna leech to my trap
Tha Jesus Christ on my neck reach to my lap
I teach you to rap in my Sunday School
These bitches get a one day rule
You gotta fuck be Monday, cool?
Or she gotta stroke a stick like the hun play pool
If not you gotta walk like a runway fool
Catch me in the moon shine or the sun ray jewels
If you keep sayin your prayers maybe one day you'll.. blessed like me 'til then keep stompin in your Air Force O-N-E-S Nikes
They should make scriptures wit my flows
I'm the young Bishop Don Juan that stripped ya for your hoes
So if I throw a dollar at ya scream Hallelujah
While I grab the neck of my robe and pop a collar to ya

[Reverend preaching]
Now in this world that we live in, there's all kinds of pimps
You got ya playas, ya ballas, ya macs, ya gorrilla
pimps that take what they want
Ya all-star pimps... Pimps that (?)
Pimps wit nothin but the Gators on ya feet (Preach to em brother)
Nice pimps, mean pimps

[Verse 2]
I feel like the angel of God
All I gotta do is drive the Range through and nod
It's like I was put here to put layers in the air
Put squares in my ear, put squares in the chair
Put pairs in the rear
I even put 20 inch footwear in my spare
Lord knows I gotta stay on them spinners
Dis verse is like grace that you say on your dinners
Girls come wit me knowin that they gonna be sinners
But, I'ma sense of relief
And I ain't never been a trick kinda like its against my belief
If she got it from me then I'm convinced she a theif
But they say God giveth and He taketh away
And I can do the same thing when I shake with the 'K
If a nigga make a mistake wit the pay, Goddamit
At the club I get right in
So if heaven got a ghetto I should fit right in
God loves me

[Reverend preaching]
Now just what kind of ho are you?
Are you a tough ho, or a soft ho? (That's right)
Are you a big ho, or a little ho? (Lil' teenie weenie)
A domestic ho, or an international ho?
A rich ho, or a broke ass ho?

[Verse 3]
Yea, me momma got my name from the Baptist who made
tha wrong moves wit the women and died for it
You make the wrong moves when you come and you try for it
New York City of God
I 'den saved some of New York's prettiest broads
I'm spittin the gospel
I hit my apostle's wit the coke that'll heal a sick
soon as it get in they nostrils
A Dros Trios, bring the organs on ya
A 40-Caliber'll turn ya to a organ donor
And a day or two, you'll be a morgue aroma
While I go city to city fillin the pieu's up
I ask God to forgive me while I'm fillin the Uz' up
Demons won't let me see a man fillin my shoes up
I ease 'em wit a sermon, but that ain't hard
When I'm in the Beamer before they released 'em to the Germans
You prolly got the man you love wit you
But wouldn't you rather have the Man above wit you?
Can I get an Amen

[Reverend talking]
Now some of ya'll are pimps, And some of ya'll are hoes
But the rest.. the rest of ya'll.. don't think I don't know
Ya just a hater.. They hate what you got
They put a black eye on on the game whenever they play
They piss in the pool, And they fart on the elevator
Then look you in the face, Like they think you did it
They hate change (They hate change)
And they hate progress
They hate me and they hate you
They hate they own momma
Cuz they think its her fault that they ain't got shit
But I'm here to tell ya today
That if you a hater
Then you are the outter take or your own business (Amen)
And someody just put 25 dollars in the collection plate
So I'ma go up on the corner
And buy me a fish sandwich
Y'all hold it down, I'll be right back
Tha Reverend Charlie Brown
And don't you ever forget
Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous
Bitch ass motherfuckers

. . .

Cuz now I ain't wit cha, know that I miss ya, some how I carry on
I can still picture, when I was wit cha like you was never gone
I remember the good times, all of the bad times
I dedicate this song, to my niggaz laid out, Til my niggaz lay down
Can Ya Hear Me, I know you hear me

Now we was once two niggaz of the same kind
Quick to holla at a bitch with the same lines
Quick to draw on a nigga with the same nines
But at the same time we was on some diffrent shit
Cuz you was with a bitch that I beg to differ wit
I told you sniff a bit and you could get a whif of it
But you kept a closed nose when it came to those hoes
And Im your nigga so I tried to smell em wrong for ya
Wasn't there to take the fault for ya, But if you hear me
I dedicate this song for ya, He was setup in a stick up
By a girl he used to pick up on the upper west side
I used to help him chop a brick up, They found him in his pickup
Pants down and dick up, Leanin with one in his head
And one in his chest, One of the best at this husslin' shit
But his downfall was that he put his trust in a bitch and it's fucked up


I remember selling three bricks of raw powder
Turn my man into a star in 24 hours
He didn't care spent the money in like 4 hours
On a Benz with like 400 and Horsepower
And a chain that had christ on it, a rollie with alot of Ice on it
A pinky ring with a price on it, when he come around
Its likely that he blunted
With a pretty lady in them Nikes that you wanted
It's well know he kept it on his hip like a cell phone
If you speak with him you can pick up on his jail tone
He used to say he wasn't going back without blowing back
And now I'm black I wouldn't put it past him
The D's would Harass him, til he finally blacked out
They told my nigga to freeze, but he still backed out
Shots fired 'til his trigger finger got tired
All the newspapers said was 'Another Nigga Dead'
And it's fucked up


You can catch me in a cherry red 8-50 nice ass
Great titties, face pretty everybody know that she date smitty
A big time dealer thats doing a state biddin
Who did more than his share of dirt in the world
Enough to make a nigga think about hurtin' his girl
So he used to tell his queen to stay to the castle
Away from the hassle to the day that he pass through
There's some enemies he might have who may wanna blast you
She stayed for a few years, that's until a few pairs
Convinced her to come and hang out around New Year's
It's been awhile, you can see it in her smile
And she ran into her man's Co-Defendant in the trial
Who started going on about how he moving on
About running with them same niggaz Smitty had warned about
She slid off told her girl, she had to drop her kid off
They found her in the parking lot, somebody blew her lid off
And it's fucked up

. . .

(Feat. Young Jeezy)

Look, I can see them niggas stuntin to this right now, not now, but right now
Yea, yea, ch-ch-yea
Look, lo-lo look
Look, lo-lo look
Look, look

[Verse 1-Fabolous]
It's no love for the other side, fuck all the tricks
Pop the glove on the other side, buck through the bricks
Birds love how a brother ride, truckin it sick
I'm heard of on the southern side, i pluck through it quick
I been one of them boys since way back when
This is way before a nigga brought grey plaques in
So if i spray mac-10s, Bet you niggas lay back then
Like you sittin in a Maybach Benz
Yea I made crack grins but ain't a damn thing funny
I keep a pocket fulla do the damn thang money
I keep it comin with bottles of champagne dunny
So keep it bouncin till you pull a hamstring honey
These pimps just better have a gothic for me
I got them hoes starin like they got a problem with me
I got them boys slingin rocks in the lobby for me
I'm rich bitch, ballin just a hobby for me

[Chorus-Young Jeezy]
I got a pocket full of money and my wrist all froze
So fuck what you heard we don't love them hoes, heeyyy
Do the damn thang, do the damn thang
A nigga might grin but it ain't still funny
Got a pocket fulla that, do the damn thang money, heeyy
Do the damn thang, do the damn thang

[Verse 2-Young Jeezy]
My phone is tapped and so is my livin room
We cant hide the money here, we need a bigger room
Let me show you what I stand fo,
Jesus Schwarzenegger call me commando
On that Remy Martin, nigga matta fact
I ain't Fat Joe but I can make em lean back
Save your ammo don't waste it
Got him dodgin bullets like he in the matrix
Jeans strapped and ya better dip
Carvin 15, got six clips
Pilsbury nigga, got a lotta dough
Call me bossan george, got a lotta hoes
They place orders, so I bake cakes
I'm a bodybuilder, pump a lotta weight
You see the diamonds in my damn chain
It ain't hard to tell, I do the damn thang


[Verse 3-Fabolous]
You waitin instead of participatin with them boys
You skatin on them 22 datins like them boys
I'm hatin that they communicatin with them boys
I'm waitin just to send them to Satan for that shit
They see a nigga stones look sick
And I gotta stack of singles in my hand thats phone booth thick
Cuz I'm so hood rich
That I'm no good bitch
And even if she gotta pimp then a hoe should switch
And get ridda that shit spitta, get wit her, shit gitter
sit wit her, hit spitter, that don't bitch chitter
My style fit wit her
I tell her you don went left now you need to go right like a switch hitta
I know them tricks bitter
When im in the six with her
So im in a mix with her
Fourty four six with her
And I'm higher than a motherfucker
But a nigga try then he gon die in this motherfucker

. . .

(Feat. Lil Mo)

You are now tuned in to W.F.A.B radio

[Fabolous] Yo...Baby Girl where you at ?

[Lil Mo] Right here...Right here...right here baby

Here's another one

You need to holla at somebody real such as myself
Wont nobody do as much as myself
And its so real ill hop out and get the dutches myself
For a pretty girl as such as yaself
Cuz ima busy man I dont see too much for myself
And sometimes it be hard to get in touch with myself
But I... make the time when I have to
Learn to take my time and be careful when dealing wit women
Theres some who be willing and skimming
And dive in to relationships cuz I got a million to swim in
They'll throw it to you faster than schilling and clemens
But feelings aint the only thing that you can catch now
Some throw lawyers that you hoping they fetch thous
Others pass diseases that you can catch now
But in my minutes so lone I think about this crazy world
And.. i dont wanna live in it alone
Come on

[Chorus - Lil Mo]
Ill give you all my love
And you can always trust
My loyalty, honesty, and security (and ill never)
Ill never leave (
Can none of these other chicks fuck wit me
So holla at somebody real (cuz i)
Cuz im so real

(real love) Im searching for a real love like j blige in 92
(awwwwwwh) but I pray I will find you
And say whether the storm will leave the gray skies behind you
The fake may try to blind you
Thats why I stay fly like I do
And no I can trust everybody that I say hi and bye to
First I need a girl that may die as my boo
Then I may try the I do's
But..I refuse to be trick
Or used by a chick
Who gets amusement of kicks
Out of abusing my dick
When its real im all in it
But I dont want the scars of love that you get when you fall in it
(noooo) before it didn't matter who
Now I look for some with a little attitude
I could chitter chatter to.. good looking
But witty and compatible
Long hair wit a fatty too
And that'll do


[Lil Mo]
No im not trying to pressure you
But my loves to incredible
For to waste
In front of your face
Then I give you something you can feel
To let you know your hollering at somebody real

I need to holla at somebody real could that be you
The feelings that I feel could that be true
Most cats lay where the hood rats be boo
But Im the kinda cat that strays away
Thats til somebody real sways my way
Then I might spend soem days aways
On a asia bay
Eating food made the cajun way
And sippin a lil saki
Blowin a lil brocoli
But this world is full of fluzi's
And bullshit usually
I pull im choosy
And on this joint and at this point
I know I need to holla at somebody real
For real

. . .

(Featuring Sean Paul)

[Verse 1]
Uh, Uh, Uh
Baby girl
You know my situation
And sometimes I know you get impatient
But you don't put on a show to get ovations
Take it to court and go through litagations
And I respect you gangsta
Treat you like a princess
And put something on your neck to thank you
She's my pinch hitter
When the startin lineup ain't playin right
I come off the bench with her
It might sound like I'm gassin you
But it take time to get from the back seat to the passenger
We been creepin and sneakin
Just to keep it from leakin
We so deep in our freakin
That we don't sleep on the weekend
Wifey's a little bit uptight
Wonderin why I keep coming home in the middle of the night
It'll be alright if y'all bump heads it'll be a fight
But I said it'll be alright

I really wanna be with you (be with you)
But I gotta be real with you (real with you)
I can't leave you alone (no)
And I know I'll live in wrong
But I can't let you go
You're the one I want in my life (want in my life)
I already got a wife (got a wife)
I can't leave you alone (no)
And I know I'll live in wrong
But I can't let you go

[Verse 2]
You ain't never step out of line
Or get out a pocket
So I made sure canary sent out your locket
To protect you I'll get out and cock it
And you know the barrel of my gun is big enough to spit out a rocket
Oh, you gone play dumb if cops do come through
I gotta keep the top up if my drop do come through
But I know the boutiques and the shops you run through
So I cop her one and cop you one too
You always get a daily page weekly ring
Plus you ain't too shy to do them freaky things
I ain't gotta put a band on your finger
Or worry about you tellin the whole world I'm your man while I spring her
At first you was somethin I denied
Something I would slide
Just to do somethin in the ride
But shorty
There's something you provide
Cause the entre ain't as good without somethin on the side you know?


[Verse 3]
Uh oh, I might be leavin the earth soon
My girl gone kill me if she smells the scent of your perfume
It's gonna be a clip tossed if I go back
With stains of your lip gloss on my throwback
She won't care if I'm a platinum rapper
If she catch me with an empty Magnum wrapper
So keep it on the down low call the car celly
You seen what happened with Mr. Big and R Kelly uh

[Lil' Mo]
You know I care for you (care for you)
Anytime this chick is there for you (there for you yea)
These feelings I'm a share with you
Which makes it a little more clear for you

. . .


One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
Then you gotta (gasp)
Then you gotta (gasp)

[Hook I]
Yo these niggaz can't breathe when I come through, hum too
Some shoes, gotta be 20 man
It's not even funny they can't BREATHE
The choke holds too tight
The left looks too right
You know what? You right
These bitches can't BREATHE

[Hook II]
Look look, they hearts racin'
They start chasin'
But I'm so fast when I blow past
That they can't BREATHE
In the presence of the man
Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man
You betta BREATHE

You niggaz can't share my air
Or walk a mile in the pair I wear
And I'm gettin better year by year
Like they say Wine do
Cops couldn't smell me if you brought the canines through
And I pace myself
I know these money hungry bitches wanna taste my wealth
But I keep em' on a diet
Embrace they health
Or either keep em' on a quiet
And space myself
And just take a deep breath
I got em' grabbin' they chest
Cuz it's hurtin' em' to see Fab in his best
And they in they worst
They rather see me lay in the hearse than lay in the back
And I ain't just layin a verse
I'm sayin the facts
I came back with some sicka stones
That got these broke niggaz lookin at me like they chokin' on a chicken bone
Every chick I bone
Can't leave the dick alone
So I know
It's one of them everytime I flip my phone




I see em on the block when I passes
Lookin like they need oxygen mask-es
I make it hard to BREATHE
But I keep the glocks in the stashes
Cuz the cops wanna lock and harass us
And make it hard to BREATHE
They has to react
Like havin' a asthma attack
When they see the plasma in back
You dudes are wheezin' behind me
My flow is like a coupe, breezin at 90
That's the reason they signed me
It's quick metaphors and hard punches on the cuts
Feels somethin' like hard punches to the gut
How I address the haters and under estimaters
And ride up on them like they escalators
They shook up and hooked up to respirators
On they last breath talking to investigators
I'm a breath of fresh air
And a fresh pair
Face it boo and do it till your face get blue
And then BREATHE




When the crew walk in it
Pop a few corks in it
As quick as a tick in a New York minute
Catch a breath, fore u catch a left
Even worse, catch a Tef
Only way u catch a F
To the A-B, its in the maybe
Rollin with my baby
Grippin on a toy that you won't find in +KayBee+
I rhyme slick on ya
I'm a have to put the Heimlich on ya
What you know bout lettin' dimes lick on ya?
While you inhale the weed
And it won't stop till they inhale ya seed
And it don't stop I tell em' to breathe
Like a doctor with a stethoscope
I don't see no fuckin hope
Unless these motherfuckers BREATHE

Yeah, Brooklyn gotta
Uptown gotta
the Bronx gotta
Queens gotta
Staten Isle gotta
You niggas gotta
You bitches gotta
Everybody BREATHE

One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta.. BREATHE
Then you gotta..
Then you gotta..

. . .

(Ft. Pharrell & Mike Shorey)

(feat. Mikey Shorey, Pharrell Williams)

[Intro - Fabolous]
Young money on the floor! Trak money on the beat
That's right man, the young and sexy
You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know?
Let's get it in, 25 and younger

[Chorus - Mike Shorey & (Pharrell Williams)]
I see you smiling shorty, I see it in your eyes
Security let her through, trust me man she's alright
(She's alright, she's alright, she's alright)
(Cause she's gon ride, she's gon ride, she's gon ride)

[Fabolous - 2x]
To the beat y'all! Till the motherfucking champagne and weed is gone!

[Verse - Fabolous]
I'm so VIP, and Notorious for doing it B.I.G. girl
You ain't gotta see ID, I'm a rich young man
Clean button up wit the rich young pairs
Out of you young ladies, which one can - do it to the beat y'all
Young niggaz get funny, just to get a name
So you know I came with the heat y'all!
You know I got a little money, got a little fame
But you know I came from the streets y'all
If you wanna act funny, I can do the same
And when Pharrell let the beat fall
Let me see you get your hands up high y'all
Just like you're reaching for the sky y'all
For the young sexy and fly y'all
Roll another one, let's get high y'all


[Verse - Fabolous]
From the high heels to low cuts
To the dude in the fast car wit the slow strut girl
They wanna catch J. Jackson
But the money's longer than a stretch Maybach Benz
They say I'm fly enough to do better
But pimp enough to not give a fuck
They say I'm old enough to know better
But young enough to not give a fuck
Tell Stella to move back, if she want Her Groove Back
I get my young man on, then the young man gone
Let's get money again, and even if you ain't
I'll make you feel twenty again, so!
Let me see you get your hands up high y'all
Just like you're reaching for the sky y'all
For the young sexy and fly y'all
Take another shot, let's get high y'all


[Verse - Fabolous]
I'm too young to be sprung
And you can tell I'm too blessed to be stressed
My move is too smooth, on top of that I dress to impress
The walk is so chilled, not to mention the Talk is so Real
We all gotta get old, but before I do I'm a ball outta control
Live young! die rich! woo!

. . .

Yeah man, Real Talk New York
Yeah man, Street F-F-F-Fitted, Damn
Yeah man

Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)

[Verse 1]
And they say what comes around goes around
So the cristal rolls ya down til it slows ya down
I got a smoother style
Fo me it's +Slow Motion+ like Juvenile
'Til I pass through ya areas
The SLR, class lookin' serious, they has to be curious
You never seen one of the nastiest lyricist
Speed through like he in the +Fast and the Furious+
Like Pharrell, we stand on bars
Girls on us like a fan on stars
500 Grand on cars, you'll see a man on Mars
Before a nigga lay a hand on ours
Catch me in a Diamond chain and a thick cuban
In the piece lookin' somethin' like Rick Rubin
Put a grin on ya face, then spin in ya waist
The world look like it's spinnin' in space

[Chorus w/ ad libs: Fabolous {Girl}]
Whoa, whoa, slow down mami
{Uh uh, ya betta keep up daddy}
{I show ya how to get ya roll on all ya gotta do is hold on}
{and it goes}
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
{Round and Round and Round and Round} (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
{Round and Round and Round and Round} (WHOA!)

What comes around goes back around again
And niggaz gon' act up now again
And What goes up must come down
And I'll be here like What's Up now?

[Verse 2]
I do the yankee rockin' wit a lean
Know ya can't knock it when ya clean
Girls want me on they ass like back pockets on the jeans
I just try to plug into the socket in between
Then watch me do my step
At the same time throwin' up who I rep
Street F-F-F-F-Fitted damn
No other way to put it to ya ma'am
But the look'll say D-D-D-D-Damn
I can throw down like a killa
Put slugs and banana clips that'll slow down gorillas, Girl
Move like you in a Hula Hoop
Then blow me like you tryin' to cool ya soup, I'm Hot

[Chorus w/ ad libs: Fabolous {Girl}]
Whoa, whoa, slow down mami
{Uh uh, ya betta keep up daddy}
{I show ya how to get ya roll on all ya gotta do is hold on}
{and it goes}
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
{Round and Round and Round and Round} (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
{Round and Round and Round and Round} (WHOA!)

[Verse 3]
I'm lookin' for a 10 cent wifey
Cool as a 10 cent icey
That'll fit in vince nicely
Let 'em get close
Tell 'em play dimmy
Imma get swazy, you can get ghost
Well, F-A-Beezy, F-A-Sheezy
To the press suite at the F-O-Ceezy
I'm lookin' at you (Yeah, man)
You lookin' at me (Yeah, man)
Slow down ma, ya speedin' again
You can put the top down and blow weed in the wind
But fo now, let yo hips go to this
Betta yet, let ya lips blow a kiss
When I dip low and flip, show the wrist
It looks like a froze hypno and cris
And I'm in amazing shape
With the DR flag on a bathe of apes

[Chorus w/ ad libs: Fabolous {Girl}]
Whoa, whoa, slow down mami
{Uh uh, ya betta keep up daddy}
{I show ya how to get ya roll on all ya gotta do is hold on}
{and it goes}
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)
{Round and Round and Round and Round} (WHOA!)
Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!)

. . .

When you grow up in my hood
Help don't show up in my hood
Gang signs go up in my hood, just cuz you
Feel like I'm trapped in my hood
Young kids get clapped in my hood
That's why I'm strapped in my hood, just cuz you, in my hood, in my hood

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
I'm always close to..
Feeling like a corner stander, stoop sitter, or hallway post-er
No matter where I go it's always 'posed to, feel just like I'm (in my hood)
Cops drive in it every 5 minutes, look at your faces, pat your waists'
Try to find the stash where the gats and base is, I can't say that they racist
But I know.. it ain't the same in they town
And as fucked up as it may sound (in my hood)
It's 2 ways to make it happen off the streets
Balling on the courts or rapping off the beats
You hear the shells tappin' off the 'crete, when they clappin' off the heat
Then the yellow tape's trappin off the street
But that's the way we was raised
Preying to God, hoping that he keep us out the way of them strays


[Verse 2: Fabolous]
They drink 'til the cups dry, eat 'til the plate's clean
Niggaz be in state greens 'fore they turn 18
'Round here you never let the beef slide twice
Everybody raised on 4 wings and beef fried rice
Them mothers are getting younger today
Got one by the hand, one in the stroller and one on the way
We don't have role models
But we got them handguns that hold hollows (in my hood)
Ain't no diplomas or degrees
But you can get high from the aroma of the trees (in my hood)
I know it like navigation, and fuck having patience
I'ma get mine, you better get yours, cuz everyday is a struggle
And One-Time ride through everyday just to bug you
That's how it is, cuz your rights be wrong
And everybody got a white T on, when you're


[Verse 3: Fab]
We try to make the most of what we got
You either been hit, or been close to gettin shot (in my hood)
Any nigga that boast be getting got
And dopeheads fiend to get a dose of what we got
And young niggaz be like they slow
But you give them a they roll the weed like a pro
If you trick it's not a problem it gets you laid
But if you stick without a condom, it gets you AIDS
No Sesame Street, kids watch BET
Look up to niggaz that don't got a GED
I know a dude with the deadbeat tag
Kids don't got diapers but he ridin' in the red G-Wag'
In the hood, you and your beef is sure to bump heads
And everybody grew up sleepin on bunk beds
They telling me to vote..and I would
If it made a change in my'fucka.


. . .

[Intro - Fabolous]
From hood to hood they see what's hood
And know who I be! uh!

[Verse - Fabolous]
I got the Yankee leaning, just sittin over to browse
And the G4 is just getting over the clouds
You can't tell me that I ain't what's up right now
I got a bottle of Tequila upside down
There's some chicks wit boyfriends that are up tight now
Cause they know the big 'dog' had a 'pups' like wow
I'm stuck in my city ways
Heading over seas wit a zip of New York City's haze
You rats can keep running through your city's maze
Until you get sprayed with the pesticide
I know you in that hole, you best to hide
Like the rest who tried, who went and testified
Of course your girl wanna slide over and be rubbed
And don't mind taking rides over the G dubs
I ride Rovers on Spre-dubs
Please don't be another dude who died over a ski dub, chill

[Chorus - Fabolous & (Thara)]
From hood to hood they see what's hood and know who I be
From block to block they see it, not can't know who I be
From state to state they cannot hate, they know who I be
From the east to west, through the midwest and downsouth it's Ghetto!
(It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto!
(It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-ohh!) It's Ghetto!

[Verse - Fabolous]
I get it jumping like a lo lo '64
And bet they hop on it like a pogo stick pro
I'm chilling wit these go go chicks though
That do the kind of things that belong in a porno flick yo
You know it's him and the gang
Wit the bling worked on, that remind you of lemon meringue
But remember the thangs, ain't too far
And y'all wanna hear em go bang bang bang
Like John Witherspoon, I'm watching em closely
I know the snakes gon' slither soon
The two toned Maybach's getting delivered soon
The back feels like sitting in the living room
I'm so hard bodied like the suit on Batman
It's that man that back to back plat' scan
I'm back for the third time, I make words rhyme for a living
You probably heard I'm still ghetto, nigga!


[Verse - Fabolous]
They tried to put two 9's on me, just like Gretzky
But my lawyer saw through it just like wet tees
I smoke till my eyes look just like Jet Li's
On islands where the water's blue just like Pepsi
Yeah the trigger just might get squeezed
And the slugs will skip over your waves, just like jet skis
Hoes know Ghetto from New York, call em the Fresh Prince
And throw rose petals when I walk
They love how I came back hard like good blow
And I'm still a heart throb to a hood ho
That's what hood though, yes I would know
That's cause I'm in the streets like man hole covers
Rims look like blades when a fan blow brother
I'm waiting on a storm to land, roast others
The man no other, cause I been in it
My time is money, y'all couldn't buy ten minutes
I'm gone! catch up!


[Scott Storch instrumental outro]

. . .

(featuring Paul Cain & Nate Dogg)

[Intro- Fabolous and Cop]
[Cop:] Alright there ah buddy license and registration
[Fab:] Uh officer is there a problem man whats going on?
[Cop:] Yeah, I had a report of a UFO
[Fab:] whats that?
[Cop:] An unidentified Ferrari looking object flying by me on the highway
[Cop:] you know how fast you were going?
[Fab:] nah not at all man
[Cop:] you must have been going pretty damn fast because my radar is over there
smoking buddy
[Cop:] keep your hands where I can fucking see 'em too
[Cop:] I heard about you in the paper, I know you got the toaster strudel
[Cop:] yeah I need some backup over here I've got two rap singers

I wonder briefly
Could it be there's no roof above me
or the 22's underneath me
Thats keepin them sirens flashin on my ass
Should I get to pumpin the brakes or mashin on the gas?
I'm naturally harassed
And I feel like I'm getting punked... but I don't see Ashton in the grass
Nor is there a camera stashed into the dash
It's a guy in a uniform and a passion that he has
For flashin wit his badge
And shining light in my face
Plus he keep his right hand right by his waist
The wrong move will get a gun right in my face
And they fighting for my life... I'm fighting the case
And I ain't trying to be the story they twist in the press
Like: the young man resisted arrest
Then he started reaching for something that looks like a pistol I guess
So I pulled on a nigga I mean I pulled on the trigger...figures

[Hook: Nate Dogg]
I go around the corner what do I see?
Po Po's followin me
Askin for my ID whos car I'm driving
Po Po's botherin me
Got me in a lineup, got my hands in cuffs
They don't wanna set me free
Trying to bring me down, when they come around
Po Po's fuckin with me

Awe shit the jakes are fucking with me again
They hate to see me rich, they'd rather see me stuck in the pen
Everytime they walk or pull up beside me
Flash lights in my face askin for my registration and ID
I don't know the reason for the harassment
And the questions they askin
Or the ice grills they get when I'm passin
Or maybe its my fault
Cause I be out all times at night
Doin shit I know I shouldn't plus I don't be ridin right
Smokin' lye.. no stash box for me to put the skit
Two warrants, no license and I ain't got insurance yet
I keep a hammer close because foes wanna stick me up
But keep my movement swift because Po's wanna frisk me up
Since '94 I've been told on by 50 descriptions
And in 10 years not once did they get a conviction
These pigs shouldn't provoke a rider
I'm so tired, they got one more time to fuck wit me before I open fire

[Nate Dogg]
ones for the money and twos for the show
three must be for the motherfuckin po po'
I've seen ghetto kings fall to the floor
cause they can't see ask (?)
(still some of y'all creepin with the Po Po's
Sleepin wit the Po Po's
Some of y'all walking wit the Po Po's
I ain't fuckin with the Po Po's)

They gon' have to put my back on the cement
Before I'm in the back with my knee bent
On my way back to the precinct
I'm back in the G-bent
Black wit the pre-tint
Vanilla aroma to cover the back with the tree scent
The way I ride I know I'm in for a case
But the coupe do 200 so they in for a chase
When it comes to lawyers I got the man Puff uses
Thats why you never seen my wrists with handcuff bruises
I got them hollow tips.. to stick up in the AR's
Detectors in the dash.. to pick up on the radar
Stash box in it when I purchased the vehicle
So I don't have a problem wit you searching the vehicle
They probably want to scoop an arrest
I try to throw shots but its cool, I got a coupe like a vest
And 'em troopers will just feel stupid I guess
The slugs will bounce off like they hittin superman's chest.. nigga


[Fab:] Shit man a nigga ain't even do shit awe shit here comes this dude right
[Cop:] Alright buddy unfortunately you came back straight, you and your buddy
Scain Scholar get the fuck outta here I don't wanna see you guys around here
again alright
[Cop:] Look take it from Larry lock the rapper, get the fuck outta here
I don't wanna see you around here again. and by the way

. . .

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