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Eternal Oath

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Eternal Oath Lyrics

"Harmonic Souls Departed" lyrics

Friends for long, yet now its bygone
gone like winter fades to spring
Leaving marks in our heart like
red-cryed eyes leaves a salty taste,
as it flows free down our face
to end up on a pillow and
then be forgotten with time

Sworn friendship supposed to last forever
Ended such fast as it had begun,
Your decision of a shortcut,
instead of rising up on your feet
still seems inconceivable

Like a scared little one, crying in the corner
You left me behind in pain

"What choises does a leaf have,
When the autumn appears"
was the last question you had
before you ended your days
It can only fall, no matter how much it
wants to live, It can only fall...

Goodbye my friend, now when i'm alone
I'm keeping the memory of you alive
The picture of you smiling remains
in my heart, someday it's my turn
I will never forget you

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