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Esham Lyrics

"Amen Another Sin" lyrics

This is the beginin' of another sin,
All yall welcome to hell, cuz my record's spinnin',
So many cryed cuz the rhythm and I'm stil grinnin',
And I brought death to the image of Lenin.
Let me begin, amen for the brothers and sisters,
A musicial sacrifice to Esham's listeners.
Every time I grab the mic,
I leave blood stains,
Cuz I'm flowin' like a blood vein.
I'm like the devil, I flow like a creature.
And you wonderin', how deep can I rhyme, yall.
S-I-N- as I begin a sin,
It would be wise to notify your next of kin.
Grab a mic in the moonlight, and start to recite,
Look me in the face when I'm rappin' and lose your sight.
Said I was a devil worshipper, Esham I never heard of a,
Sucka like you, another silent murder.
Killed 'em in the moonlight, listen to me recite,
Another sin, so here I go again,
Deadly notorious, I'm poisonous,
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.
Dead men don't sing, I bring terror like inhumaning,
It's a pity the devil's a human being.
I rap like a Gypsey, so witness a psycho one,
Give me a beat, I'll get unholy in a church.
My music is underground, a spiritual sound,
I got your head spinnin' like a merry go 'round.
Some say I escaped from a psycho ward,
I died when I picked up the mic, to recite,
Many rhymes, release the fury of a mad man,
666 and a mic in my hand.
I'm like sandman better than any on the mic today,
Every body grab a cross, tonight we say, Amen

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