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Erika Jo

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Erika Jo Lyrics

"They Say Love Is Blind" lyrics

(Rachel Proctor/Shane Teeters/Kerry Kurt Phillips)

A little book store on a side street
I thought sure that I'd be safe
But there you were
There with her
Buying books on some romantic place
What you see in her is such a mystery to me

I hid behind my coffee cup and prayed that you would leave
And I thought that I would die
When I saw her kissing you
They say love is blind
I wish I were too

It's a small town
Word gets around
I wish you knew what everybody knows
And I keep hoping some day you'll open
Up your eyes and let her go

She don't love you,you're just her flavor of the week
She plays with hearts
But she don't play for keeps
It hurts me to watch her make a fool of you
They say love is blind
I wish I were too

Every time I see an old Dodge truck
Or an old photograph of us
And every time I drive down by the lake
I fall into yesterday

I wish somehow that I could have you back in my life
And at the same time I just wish that you would stay out of my sight
'Cause I can see it's over
Oh but I can't face the truth
They say love is blind
I wish I were too

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