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Emma Shapplin

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Emma Shapplin Lyrics

"See Marie..." lyrics

Between the branches
Dawn just hit my face
And anger shows me yours
Frozen In an arid winter
Birds of horror
I shout with no tongue
Love destroys me
And my sun has lost its way
And I have no wish to wage war

See, Marie
See, Marie

l'm burning, even in winter
And I would like to stop
the chariot of stars
Oh Madonna!

Jealousy is holding me prisoner
And I see
Without eyes
This song hurts me no more
And I run, barefoot, among the brambles

I wait, and cannot find peace
Oh how I wish I could perish, I often
But I can neither live with
Nor live without such a gentle ghost

What is this, if not love?
What is this, if not love?

See, Marie
See, Marie
Madonna, come save me

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