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Emerson Drive

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Emerson Drive Lyrics

"Evidence" lyrics

(Vicky McGehee/Trent Tomlinson/Bobby Pinson)

Lipstick impressions on my white collar shirt
Number on a matchbook so I'll get a hold of her
Oh oh oh that's all the proof I need
I can smell her perfume on my passenger seat
A strand of long blonde hair
That don't belong to me
Oh oh oh it's not a dream

I can't believe
It's really happening
My eyes can see yeah
It's not an illusion
I didn't imagine this
I've got the evidence
Let me tell ya now

My machine is blinkin'
From a message she left
Her voice sounds so sweet
I can't erase it yet
Oh oh oh I probably never will

I bought a picture for five dollars
That she talked me into
I was head over heels
Cramped up in the booth
Oh oh oh I got it on film

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah I've got the evidence

(Repeat chorus)

I've got the evidence
Yeah I've the evidence
I've got the evidence

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