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Emerson Drive

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Emerson Drive Lyrics

"A Good Man" lyrics

(Keith Follese/Adrienne Follese/Victoria Shaw)

I don't need a whole lot of money
But I wouldn't turn the lottery down
I just need a little green in my pocket
So I can buy my buddies a round
All I want is a place to lay my head
With the woman I love lyin' in my bed
Kind of understated
My dreams aren't that complicated

I wanna be the one, when all is said and done
Who lived a good life, loved a good wife
(And) Always helped someone in trouble
On the day they lay me down
(I) Want everyone to gather around and say
He was a father, brother, neighbor and a friend
He was a good man

I used to dream of being a rock star
And seeing the world in style
Used to dream of having a fast car
And driving that miracle mile
But I've heard tell, those streets aren't paved in gold
They're full of potholes and empty souls
Who never learned
Love is something you've gotta earn

(Repeat chorus)

When I'm gone, I want to leave a legacy
Of love and laughs and honesty
Behind me, behind me

(Repeat chorus)

Yeah, I wanna be a good man
A father, a brother, a neighbor and a friend
I wanna be a good man

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