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Embrace The End

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Embrace The End Lyrics

"The Father's Right Hand (My Lai)" lyrics

Justify the malevolence
Nullify betrayal
A soft moon rises igniting a world below
Dear father rotting above
Cast a shadow of doubt through me
Taste the fucking blood from my mouth
The vulgar display of charity you bestow
Hear me mother shining below your sun-parched flesh offers me no warmth
Defiled by the lusting blades of every lonely suicide
Every screaming heart that ceases to beat
Your skin has grown porous yet we shed not a tear
Always looking straight ahead
An empty vessel
Our heads laid across the slaughtering block
With no remorse
Forever silenced through the pale
In every darkened corner the sound of the axe will resonate
Through every star-spangled eye the line becomes blurred
With finger on the trigger
Reliving the horror each night
LyricsA victim
Lost forever
A burning effigy of who you once were
Quench this ineffable thirst to be whole again
Blind leading the blind
Raped and castrated
The blind leading the betrayed
The pain of chasing phantom limbs
Even through morphine eyes you can still see what's inside
Now carry this addiction
A monument to a heroic heart
To be whole again
All This time
To be whole again
Bleed me of this agony
My infallible deception
Amputee of the heart and by design
The shepherd has the teeth of a wolf
Bastardized deliverance
No pomp or pride bestowed
Only broken lives waiting for the bell to toll

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