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Embrace The End

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Embrace The End Lyrics

"Denim On Denim Hate Crime" lyrics

Separate skin from bone
Flesh of my flesh
Would without a second thought disown
And I'll break everything in this room just to prove I still care
Well if that isn't love…
I'll be dead by the morning
Color me shitty for you
This craft surrenders to the black holes inside your eyes
The last thing that I see
An empty glassy gaze on a blank face
Staring back at me with no remorse
In a perfect world it wouldn't come to this
Send me off with a judas kiss
Taste the poison from my lips
Seize the blade
Vanquish the flames that set our eden ablaze
I'll bear the scar off your name
Color me shitty for you
We were scud missiles headed for the capital
And now we're driftwood rotting in the sea
Eradicate the memories and I will feel no longer
Bound and gagged
Ever I remain your captive

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