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Elliot Minor

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Elliot Minor Lyrics

"Parallel Worlds" lyrics

My minds playing up, again, someones there,
The room is getting colder now,
The light swings again, and im scared, cos someones there,
Stop messing with my mind cos now Im..

Trapped in your world where your burning in my eyes,
You're like a shadow that never hides...!

Im stuck in parallel worlds, smoething supernatural,
It wont let me go,
Its paranormal, and no one else believes,
I feel so alone again.

Im stuck against the wall, I cant make a move,
My heart beat stops,
Im scared of this time cos i cant make a line,
Say once again it just proves to be difficult,
Im feeling nervous but its nothing that i cannot do,
Im stuck in a diension where its hard to breath,
and its still true, im loosing my mind, im falling,
Someone hel me what can i do!

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