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Elle Milano

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Elle Milano Lyrics

"Carousels" lyrics

Some fast junk food and cigarettes, no exercise or unpaid debts
Just some of things you didn't do, God won't be there at the bitter end
No big excess or revenge kept, just a fate to acccept, English sunset, never looking back

So what's life sound like when you're looking in the eyes of the carousel?
A life time making the best is a life well spent and we'll hold it together and I'll see you on the carousel next time round

Hospital - bleach clean, but won't clean the disease, and the machines are singing in harmony:
"God won't be there at the funeral"
Can't see the road when I'm tied to the back seat, and the lights ahead are not for me then we hit the sea, English sunset, never looking back

Wired to the terminal, one pill forward, two steps back and it's like that, such is life
And I must realise there's a hole in the sky that you're never coming out of

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