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Elijah Kelley

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Elijah Kelley Lyrics

"I Got It" lyrics

Theres so many things i wanna say baby
Let me just start by tellin you
Your by far the most beautiful face, that ive ever seen girl true
Your touch yea
Your feel yea
Everything about you tells me that this thing is for real
Your swagga, fresh
Its like an
And its headed for my heart

I can be the one that loves you baby
If you just let me know
You dont gotta want for nothin lady
Tell me if you wanna go
I got it (what you want)
I got it baby I got it (what you need)
I got it girl (what you want)
I got it baby I got it (what you need)
I got it girl
If you want it i got it(8 Times)

Verse 2:
O babe so many things that i wanna do baby
I can just hold you in my arms
And i just get lost when im with you baby
Lost up in your eyes
Your the greatest yea
I wanna tell you baby that your outta this world
Classic yea
Gallactic yea
And your headed for my heart


So whats it gonna take to get you here with me
Your all that i want your all that i need
If your heart is locked, girl i got the key
If you just let me

Chorus: 2 times

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