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Eli "Paperboy" Reed

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Eli "Paperboy" Reed Lyrics

"(Doin' The) Boom Boom" lyrics

Yo, yo, yeah!
Got a new dance that's mighty right
Everybody's doin' it for the all folk now
This new dance which you long for
Doin' this dance for nature makes it more

It's the Boom, boom
It's the Boom, boom
Oh, It's the Boom, boom
Come on doin' the Boom, boom

Hey! Allright
Doin' this dance you got to get in the groove now
Get your feet the on the floor and start ‘em to move
Shake your hips from side to side
Come on baby let your conscience be your guide

Do the Boom, boom
Oh, do the boom, boom
Do the Boom, boom
Oh, do the boom, boom

I see everybody out there doin'the boogaloo
The snake, the camel walk
Oh I am tired of your messin' around
Let me tell you about the Boom boom
Oh just shake your hips from side to side
You got it, come on honey let's see ya do it
Allright now
Can we bring it down?
I said can we bring it down?!
Allright fellas we're gonna bring it down right here, oh yeah
So let's do a dance out in the crowd
Doin' the boogaloo and see what's really getting down
Try to move a new kind of way
Then you can do it just how I say
Aaaaaaaooooh, I'm doin' the boom, boom!
I'm doin' the boom, boom!
Boom, boom
Oh you know everybody out there doin' the boom, boom now
Oh did it!
Oh sock it to me now!

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