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Eighteen Visions

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Eighteen Visions Lyrics

"Raping, Laughing, Tasting, Temptation" lyrics

pennies from heaven and now the sky is falling.
i've cut the throat of purity with twisted thoughts of perversion.
naked perfection become my wrath.
raping. laughing. tasting temptation.
and i've tasted the bitterness of what is impure.
know what i'm thinking.
turn my head upside down.
frame this moment.
now all is lost.
shut up and kill my pain.
i've gone heavy.
i return to the child's cradle where my innocence was lost.
as i dwell in the shadows of the drunken demons.
where i dance and play within each movement.
now shut up and kill my pain.
turn my head upside down what the fuck was i thinking?
frame this moment and let you slip away.
but you mean everything to me.
now you mean nothing to me.
shut up and kill my pain.

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