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"Fall Away" lyrics

You fall apart.
And I fall away.
I know it's hard.
But you know I can't stay.
And in my Heart
You'll Always be the blame.
I'll take the fault.
That you can't take away.
You are Hollow
You are the one with no soul
I cannot battle all my self control
It's hard to swallow, It's hard to fill this hole.
And I will not follow,
So now I will let you go
I fall away,
When I cannot take the pain.
I fall away, to find a better place.
Recurect me, and help me find my way
Now look in to another day.
I feel so empty,
And you are out of reach
So preach to me,
A sermon you can't teach
I fall away.
When I Can't take the pain.
I fall away,
When nothing feels the same.
I fall away,
To find a different place
The blinding sun told me I am the one
And I knew that this,
Would get me through.
So you can stay and watch me fall away
I fall away
When I can't take the pain
I fall away
And find a better Place
So you can stay and watch me fall away.

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