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Drive-By Truckers
Drive-By Truckers

Background information
Origin Athens, Georgia, United States
Genre(s) Alternative Country
Alternative Rock
Southern Rock
Years active 1996—present
Label(s) Lost Highway Records
Soul Dump Records
New West Records
ATO Records
Associated acts Jason Isbell
Adam's House Cat
The Screwtopians
Website Website
Mike Cooley
Patterson Hood
John Neff
Brad Morgan
Shonna Tucker
Jay Gonzalez
Former members
Jason Isbell
Spooner Oldham
Earl Hicks
Rob Malone
Matt Lane
Adam Howell
Barry Sell

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Drive-By Truckers Lyrics

"Goode's Field Road" lyrics

Honey, take care of the children, make them do as they’re told
I got a meeting in the morning down at the end of the Goode’s Field Road
Nothing much for a man in my position
A man like me don’t last too long in prison
And all those friends down at Police Department
will act like they never had anything to do with me

Started out down at the junk yard taking orders from a moron
And a man my size don’t like taking orders from anyone
Bought myself an old beat up wrecker, built an empire with my labor brains and sweat
But it’s hard to make an honest living and a man takes any help he gets

Nothing much for a man in my position, a second mortgage and three
college kids’ tuition and all them friends that I helped along the way
Will act like they never had anything to do with me

But you and me, we had us some good times and I’ve always been a family
man deep down. Ain’t much a believer of hiring work from “out of state”
but they’ll be asking questions when I’m found. They’ll be asking
questions when I’m found

Honey, take care of the children, pay the house off when the salvage yard gets sold
And you don’t know nothing when the insurance man asks questions
Bout what went down at the Goode’s Field Road

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