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Donny Osmond

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Donny Osmond Lyrics

"Breeze On By" lyrics

Baby, you're driving me crazy
I don't want anybody thinking about you
in the way that I'm thinking about you
Oh baby, don't give me no maybe
'Cause I know that you're feeling like I do
And right now's the time; it's up to you

No matter what happens I ain't giving it up
Every single day I'm falling deeper in love
I've never ever been so happy and I know why...

'Cause I... I... got sunshine every day
(When you're beside me, everything's right, yeah
thoughts of you come breezin' through)
And why... 'cause clouds aren't in my way
(When you're beside me everything's right yeah
summer days and nights just breeze on by)

This time don't give me excuses
'Cause I won't be taking no for an answer
and I won't be letting go now that I've found you
Ooo lady, won't you come and save me
Oh I can't imagine living without you
And right now's the time; it's up to you

You are everything that I ever desire
Lovin' that you give is just taking me higher
I'm never gonna stop, never gonna give in and why...

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