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Dodgy Lyrics

"Grassman" lyrics

My darling, I would not die
I would kill for you
And let me choose the man who is the sacrifice
Shout and groan and cry and bite
Make me forget my pain
Scratch my back and pull my hair
Make me forget my name

I am the Grassman
Put me where you choose
I am the Grassman
I will burn for you

Come the storms that try to doubt us
We won't feel the rain
Alas the world is worthless now
I see my fate
Darling, you are my heroine
The everything I need
Come into my arms
Don't let me bleed

Up on a hillside in the night
Burn so fierce I scorch the sky
Join me now, stand by my side
And in the morning we'll be gone
Let the blessed people come
They're standing in the shadows where you shone

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