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Dodgy Lyrics

"Crossroads" lyrics

Time, sitting on
Waiting for the mood to make me real
And then I will reveal
That you, you are the only one who knows
Just which way the wind blows
And who else is real

If you believe in God then believe in me, 'cos when you get there you will know
It's not a crossroads, a the junction, where the Devil sells his soul

The air it blows and no-one knows just where it's been
And high above with weightless love there's nothing

And should we stumble on a stone
That makes you feel like you're alone
And should we stumble on a star
Which we believe will take us far

I'm looking back, and only I can blame myself for what I've been
And who I've seen
But that's for the best, I guess
With a crossroads far behind, a junction I will find

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