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DMC Lyrics

"Lovey Dover" lyrics

(Female + (Doug E.))
Hey hey (Let's go!)
Heyyyy (Uhh, yeah)
Hey hey (Get it poppin y'all)
Heyyyy (Yeah)
Hey hey (Yo D, yo D what'chu got to tell 'em?)

(Chorus: DMC + (Doug E.))
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {oh yes they love me, love me}
(I'm feelin you player)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {and they lookin for a superstar}
(If I had to man I'd cut mine off)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
(Yeah, keep on ballin baby)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {I'll love you oh so right}
(Can I ball wit'chu?)

(Doug E. Fresh)
The summer's in action, to party's my passion
The women, the fashion, but this year's attraction
is smashin, hardcore comin at you raw
Cause this you never saw, on any dancefloor
I had plenty viewers with some band in Aruba
15 thousand, it looked so astoundin
The bass was pounded, my voice surroundin
Not a video, actual live show
I seen hands in the air, on HBO
Cause it's Naughty By Nature, female emancipator
Nuff backshots, what's a movie without a plot
Starring, DMC and his man Doug E.
Yo how they lookin D? (They're lookin real sexy)
Now the stage is set, and it's hot like a sweathouse
Inside I wanna get out, got somethin to let out
Ladies in the front and the back, they wanna shoutout

(Chorus w/ new Doug E. ad libs)
C'mon, say what?
Uhh, keep it sexy y'all
Uh-huh, uh-huh

Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
I hope this one here keeps 'em thinkin of me
I won't play the role like all the fake thugs be
When I "Walk This Way" they always wanna hug me
Walkin down the street, watchin ladies
They amaze me, even the ones with the babies
All the fools in the club, are gonna go crazy

Uh-huh, they love lookin at all the lovely ladies
La-di-da-di, we like to party
We love all the lovely ladies shakin their bodies
Her friend is a 10, but she's a hottie
She got a good attitude, and she never act snotty
Ladies Love Cool J, and we love the ladies
It's only right, to fit in my Mercedes
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
Play this one here where the ladies in the club be

(Chorus w/ more new Doug E. ad libs)
Uhh, put your drinks up
Keep it sexy
Sing it!

(Interlude - singer)
La-di-da-di, we likes to party
Don't want Bacardi, just your body girl
And you know just what we like
It's your hips and thighs movin left to right
Hey, gettin down that's all I see
Got me fiendin like Jodeci
Your love's the best
Girl flex an', time to have sex

(Chorus w/ Doug E. beatboxing)

(Doug E. Fresh)
All my independent women, put your hands up
And on the side, put your hands up
If you got a job, put your hands up
You look good, put your hands up
She looks sexy, put your hands up
You got a man, put your hands down
You don't gotta man, put your hands up
And keep it sexy, and keep it sexy
Ah c'mon, shake that, shake that, shake that, shake that
Shake that, shake that, all the ladies scream {AHHHHH}
And sing it!

(Chorus w/ more Doug E. ad libs)
Uhh, put your drinks up, I see you baby
What's your name? Uh-huh
That's right, what's your sign?
Now what's your #? C'mon

(random conversation then instrumental to fade)

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