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Divine Brown

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Divine Brown Lyrics

"Déjà vu" lyrics

(Baby) baby baby baby
Is this something new? (something new)
Or is this a bad case of déjà vu (deja)
Visions that I've seen before showing up in you
This is such a bad case of déjà vu (deja baby deja vu)

[Verse 1:]
Ooh I'm dependant
Got a feeling something ain't right
In front of me in plain sight
Ahh I'm not with it
'Cause I feel like I'm in danger
Dealing with a stranger
Sometimes I get lost in and out of love
But at what cost?
And other times win or loose
Nothing grab you by the ...
And tell you where to...
I've seen this before


[Verse 2:]
It's always easier to judge with hind-sight (hind-sight)
Especially when I think of the way it use to be (oh oh ooh ooh that's all I think about)
Oh love feels so good now like a flower to a honey bee (flower, honey bee, sunshine)
But at one time (one time) I've seen it all come to an end (oh oh oh oh)
And I can't let this happen again (woo)


Déjà vu déjà vu déjà vu déjà vu ooh
Why does it go?
When it comes to love all good things come to an end
I don't want to loose you baby
But I don't want to make the same mistakes again again

[Chorus x2]

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