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DeYarmond Edison

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DeYarmond Edison Lyrics

"Heroin(e)" lyrics

when the lint (?) from your jacket scrapes my skin
when they're holding me, i level with your pain
but it seems to whisper, to me like the wind
and i am nobody's heroine x2

won't you jam that needle, holder of my fears
when that object of fulfillement, sawed an end (?)
won't you put somethin' in me, or else i might be sick
we all have habitats to kids x2

cuz it was cheap
i was on the high to it (?)
cuz it was sure
i was on the high to it (?)
cuz i'm a man
i will have to be a chain
(you see through to me ?)

when the dawn has broken, and the stars fell in
when you've had me up all night, i've had to think
when the refrain rebounds, off the one who's seeing (?)
that i am nobody's heroine x4

and i am nobody's heroine x2

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