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Deric Ruttan

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Deric Ruttan Lyrics

"Take The Wheel" lyrics

Headed south out of Thunder Bay
Hit the interstate
And let the hand of fate just lead him on
She was heading north out of Baton Rouge
Nothing left to lose
All she knew was she had to get gone

Her engine blew in some Mississippi river town
He was passing through when she flagged him down

Hey, you never ever know
Where the road will lead you
When you learn how to let go
They found something real
Something they could feel
When they let love take the wheel

Later on on down the road
When the radio
Played a song about Winslow Arizona
She said I'd love to stand on the corner there
He took it as a dare
Shifted gears and said tonight you're gonna

He talked about the future, she cried about the past
They talked about forever and never looked back

(Chorus 2x)

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