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Def Leppard
Def Leppard

Background information
Origin Sheffield, England
Genre(s) Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Years active 1977—present
Label(s) Universal
Island Records
Vertigo Records
Mercury Records
PolyGram Records
Phonogram Records
Associated acts Atomic Mass
Website Website
Vivian Campbell
Rick Savage
Joe Elliott
Rick Allen
Phil Collen
Former members
Steve Clark
Pete Willis
Tony Kenning

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Def Leppard Lyrics

"Action" lyrics


So you think you'll take another piece of me 
To satisfy your intellectual need 
Do you want, do you want...Action? 

Gonna bring you down cause you're pushin' me 
You gotta recognize my superiority 

Liar, liar 
You know you believed it 
Liar, liar 
Cause I'm the main man 
And that's why... 

Everybody wants a piece of the action 
Everybody needs a main attraction 
I got what everybody needs 
Satisfaction guaranteed 
Everybody wants a piece of the action 

I was suicidal cause she was my idol 
Baby baby baby bring it to your knees 
Well there was a time I would have walked the line 
Don't you bring me down with your insatiable greed 

Repeat Bridge 

Repeat Chorus 

Do you want... Action!! Action!! 
Everybody wants, everybody needs 
Everybody wants, everybody needs 

Repeat Bridge and Chorus 

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