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Deas Vail

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Deas Vail Lyrics

"Light As Air" lyrics

You're sinking in this and you don't know where to go as the darkness unfolds.
Nobody sees it, when you're alone and all you know is that you want to start again.
We're taking action. Do you believe in what you need? That we will find this stories end.

If you a burdened, I am as light as air take flight I can carry you there.
Broken and blinded, there is a plan to take my hand. You'll understand this in the end.

You can't believe in everything you're told.
Sometimes it's nobody that wins.
But you fall down for your heart and fight it out until the bitter end.

The time is over for silent years of stored up fears that are holding you down.
A taken lover that you'll begin to find again. It's a hole inside your heart.

You're coming around now. You want to get older. But don't forget how to stay alive. (repeat)

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