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Daedelus Lyrics

"Exaggerated Joy" lyrics

For the people who know,
Deeper than 100's of thousands of debt,
Your couch is now wet,
Here is the washcloth to wipe yourself dry,
Laundering money in laundromats
Here is detergent, bearded arab (sergents?)
Passing out cough drops,
Like asking a sasqautch to take your gaspacho,
That's a nice watch bro, bough it costco,
God i like pasta, god is a monster,
Monsters are modern, inventions forgotten,
Potatoes are rotton, cradle your thoughts in,
A stable of oxine, **** **** ****,
Ill strangle your datsun with a subaru walkman.

Save the little boy genius,
From a self-employed zenith,
But half the time im having car trouble,
Do you have a monkey wrench or somebody to invest for my mars shuttle?
Im supposed to be... reading poems and..
Doing terrible card shuffles.. in (Rába?)
Im a licensed practitioner correcting brain flaws
With this guest star chainsaw, wearing a reclaimed shawl..
..are you ready to lose your virginity?...
(1,2,3, flow)

For those of us who learnt to slide by on the minimum,
Giving out the answers but wont discuss curriculum,
Find yourself a pimp or whore, **** and go visit em,
Sitting on your home hosing your lawn just like a businessman.

Are you ready to lose yoour virginity?
In the proccessor of the oil slick blender..
Whos consenter is his toilet plunger...
Save the endangered horsey animals..
From the pill-face warmongers..
Who just happen to be your forefathers..
Invite us and the conspiracy theorys..
Very (harmonous)? to family, dinners with the grand wizards.
To *** your ***** dad..
And because your long hair and bong hair and hand scissors, your his color copy.. **** call your mother mommy or your mother mum if you cannot tell the difference between a plate of food and a cluster bomb...
This is a healthy excercise in recreational paranoia
(1,2,3, flow)

Im in the follow band, i am the hollow man,
You cannot see me and, like this grafitti can,
I cant be shaken look, this seat here is taken so put,
Some mole skin on you bunnys and ****'s,
Whether or not the weathers running these storms out of the tri-country in a sea harrier,
Hover when i land and the government has planned,
For a satelitte to control the patterns of the weather,
Just a (sheep?) murder who controls the government,
From a catalytic converter connected to my ipod,
Connected to the (dupre?) thats loaded with 100 pounds of C4, explosive i know exactly where your folks live...
If you wanna know radioinactive,
But you outta know exactly where your headed,
I said it once, i'll say it again,
Im in the follow band, i am the hollow man,
You cannot see me and, like this graffitti can...

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