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D-Block Lyrics

"Freestyle (T.Waters)" lyrics

No matter the weather
Got the mac or baretta
To tear the back off a fella
Nigga im strapped for whatever
I'm down for the cause
Bust a round of applause
Fuck around with my dogs
I'll fuck around with the laws
That was probably ya'll
Makin the block hot
Got half the block knocked
So I got the glock cocked
All you heard was POP POP
Or get rolled over I told ya boy
Guns dont kill people
They take a nigga behind the trigger and make it lethal
In the Regal desert eagle in my fly ??
I'm blowing trees in the Regal with my 2 amigos
Nigga you see my pulling
Up in the waste
Put it up in your face
Put a barrel in your mouth
Now tell me how that taste
Bold steppin in the middle of a case wit no pinky ring
I'ma put the metal in your face
If you want a brick catch it off the side of the rim
Mention my name and tell you to go get it from him
I'm where the birds at
The intercity where the curves at
And that jaguar we'll take it you dont deserve that
My nigga serve that
Pure white snow like Christmas
And this shits guaranteed to do better than his shit
Rich shit off the lot
While ya'll distribute rocks
Nigga catch me heavily blunted
Bring it to whoever that want it
The head or the stomach
Wherever the gun is
Hot as a barrel
Moving birds my eyes on the sparrow
All I do is work these niggas they call me the pharoah

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