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Cowboy Troy

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Cowboy Troy Lyrics

"El Tejano" lyrics

Escuchen a la musica, the beat is groovin' ya
Groovin' with the record in secreto y la publica
it's the Cowboy with the fresh genre
The groove kinda smooth, make it wanna stick on ya
Comin' outta Dallas, puro eastside
Listen to this song as you're rollin' in your ride
Bumpin' up the street in your clean Impala
Suckers get mad, make 'em wanna holla
I'm the one who's preferred when you're makin' your selection
The verbal disinfectant just to guard against infection
I'm servin' everybody with a lyrical feast
I'm not John Travolta but I'm slicker than grease
On the floor that the janitor just quit moppin'
Maintain focus so there ain't no stoppin' Stay unified everybody hick-hoppin'

And like whipped cream I'm gonna be chart toppin'

Uh-huh, aw yeah, hit you with the beat that'll straighten your hair
Orale a mis carnales, puro tejano cowboy from Dallas (repeat 2x)

Aw yeah El Tejano no chavala
Esta cancion esta garantizada
The Texican is gonna flex again
Gonna put that rhyme in your chest again
Am I representin' (True that!!)
(Come on Troy, do that!!)
All up in your area, people sayin' (who's that?!)
Pongan atencion por este tipo de cancion
Y todas los ratones no tienen corazon
You try to say es imposible
Believe me for sheezy es increible
No comprendes tu no entiendes
You try to understand it but you cannot defend this!

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