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Cowboy Troy

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Cowboy Troy Lyrics

"Do Your Thang" lyrics

In a smoky room, I see you and you're dancin' to a groovin' tune
Just mellow out shake your ummm and do your thang
Baby do your thang

You gotta blonde, a redhead, a brunette
In the gym working up a sweat
One on the treadmill, one on the bike
One in kickboxing class all night
Doing their best to work it out
Tryin' to get a nice body and a nice adow
You love to hear words comin' out of their mouths
These girls are G.R.I.T.S. Girls Raised In The South!

Gonna get cleaned up, meet at the spot
Each one is confident she's pretty hot
Hate to see them go but you love to watch them leave
Go on ladies just do your thang!


Do your thang! Baby do your thang! (repeat 4x)

The witching hour and the club is packed
And we're doing it and we're doing it fast
The lights are bright, cocktails strong, just do your thang
Baby do your thang

Man look at that face, silhouette body
Kickin' so hard you thought she knew karate
Send a thank you to her dad and mom
'Cause once she smiles boy you know it's on
You know she has nice etiquette
But she'll laugh even though she doesn't get it yet
You want to hear her say no one can do it better
Next she's callin' out the 15th letter

Better recognize, get woke to some act rights
She'll get to the point like stalagmites
Bouncin' in the club in the blacklight
Girl so fine bow down like a jack-knife
She ain't frontin' she ain't stuntin'
Swingin' for the fence boy, she ain't buntin' She's educated but she's fluent in
street slang
Go on girl, just do your thang!

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