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Continuum Lyrics

"War Fare" lyrics

Some are too convenient to be replaced
For a thousand pounds of obscure
Make it sure, feel secure
Nature always saves the pure

War is a ticket to fame
What a shame who's to blame
When pain stays the same
It's part of the game
Pain stays the same

No more Sunshine light
No more Paradise
Make it sure, feel secure
Don't deal with the obscure
(Nature always saves the pure)

We all need approval to feel secure
One can't come and take your life without paying the price
Who's to blame for the lost angels
Who will count the odds for the lost chances


Just raise your hands to the sun
You will feel the sunshine light
You will see the paradise
You will feel secure

And if you keep facing the sun
You will see the sunshine light
You will be in paradise
You will feel secure


Words by Steph
Music by Continuum
(c) Space-Time Records

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