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Continuum Lyrics

"Sinfonia En S" lyrics

See the Stars Surrounding Space
A Subtle Secret Symphony
Seekers Sit in Silence
While Some Spy Swears Secrecy

Students Study Science
Smokers Smoke Some Sigarettes
Shivaists Sell Salvation
While Some Soldier Strives to Survive

But it Seems that we can't Stop
This Strange Strategy
Stored in our Sub-Self Sphere
Stuck in our State of Storm

Science Satisfies Synthetic Surveys
Sandal Scent Sanctifies
Small Sacrifices Smooth Society
Solitude Slides to Sorrow

Senate Shares Secrets for Sale
Spirit Splendor Spreads
But Superstitions Strike Still
When Security Shears the Sheep

But it Seems that we can Sense
This Symphony
Siting in our Sub-Self Sphere
Stirring every Single Sense

Statues Sinking in the Sand
Sea Staring at the Sky
Selection Sets her Session

Sinner Shall Sin again
Seeker Shall Succeed
Smog Shall give uS canSer

Soldier Shall Shoot again
Society Shall Suppress
the Seal of Secrecy

Just Sense this Symphony
Send away your State of Storm

Words by Steph
Music by Continuum
(c) Space-Time Records

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