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Citizen Cope

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Citizen Cope Lyrics

"Pablo Picasso" lyrics

(yay.. uh huh uh huh.. oh..)
The woman that I love is forty feet tall
she's a movie star, she's all in the papers and
everywhere i go, people hand me quarters and
they pat me on the back, they treat me like i'm famous.
I never leave her side cuz today can be dangerous, and when the night arrives the light hits her features and
cars drive by just so they can see her, and
she never bats and eye when someone takes a picture.

Mr officer, if you come to take her
then that means one of us,
gunna end up in the stretcher.
Say, Mr officer, if you come to take her
then that means that one of us
gunna end up in a stretcher....
say... gunna end up in the paper (end chorus)

If I had a pistol I'd brandish it and wave it,
she's the only one alive that knows that i'm not crazy,
she's gunna testify on my behalf down at the navy
so i can get some peace and provide for my babies
Got a stick in a bottle, i pretend I got a razor
helicoptors and cameras are shooting for the station
they say that a wild man is defending his lady,
but for some odd reason, they're calling you a painting

(Chorus) repeat three times

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