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Background information
Origin Sacramento, California, United States
Genre(s) Dance-punk
Indie Rock
Post-punk Revival
Years active 1996—present
Label(s) Warp Records
Touch and Go Records
Gold Standard Laboratories
Associated acts LCD Soundsystem
Out Hud
The Juan Maclean
Turing Machine
Website Website
Tyler Pope
Nic Offer
Allan Wilson
Mario Andreoni
Dan Gorman
Sean McGahan
Shannon Funchess
Paul Quattrone
Former members
John Pugh
Mikel Gius
Jason Racine
Justin Van Der Volgen
Jerry Fuchs

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Myth Takes (03/05/2007)
Break In Case Of Anything
. . .

It only takes a little bit of glamour glimmer
only just a little bit of shake-or-shiver
nothing never matters 'til it's shattered
spluttered and covered splattered all over my ???

sha, sha, sha sha sha-doobie
sometimes it's really just like the movies

was a glimpse a little bit of nothing make a difference
and nothing's been the same since the chain of events
it's the place where dreams come true
dreams can still be nightmares too

and ah sha, sha, sha sha whoa whoa
so much it's close enough for rock 'n roll

shoulda told me the world? was gonna tie me back a sweater
poets from the days of old have never said it better
sometimes it really glitters and sometimes it's even gold
baby when it isn't then it must be rock 'n roll

and ah sha, sha, sha sha sha-doobie
sometimes it's really just like the movies

sha, sha, sha sha sha-doobie
sometimes you just stay home and watch movies

. . .

Hey ho there's an open casting call 4 heroes
and all that showed up was nero
and it's all blurry but somehow he was hired

lay low cause he's gone and pissed himself laughing
pissed in the wind and said it was raning
said don't worry it'll put out the fire

if i do say so there's a lotta more story 2 unfold
cuz it'll twist and it'll turn till it's been told
that the truth is it's own supplies

i don't wanna talk about what was
can we please not talk about what is
y should we talk about what should b
when we could just talk about what could b

hey ho somewhere a dreamer ain't so silly after all
sees a crack where others c only wall

yeah all my heroes are weirdos

. . .

1 drink 2 drinks 3 drinks 4
she had eyes that i couldn't ignore
chatted her up out on the dance floor
she was out of cigarettes so i walked her to the store
skirt pulled up pushed up against the wall
but she pauses just the take a call
joanne says "girl, what the fuck r u doing?
all these boys r gonna b your ruin."

now i can't help but overhear
as i'm kissing from her neck 2 her ear
well if any of them meant it i'd mean it back
it never meant anything but a case of the clap
girl please let me call u back
cuz it's all beginning 2 sound like a rap

sometimes it's just one of those nights
ain't u never had it happen 2 u?
then u go home 2 soon go home 2 soon

u could blame it on the music
but it wouldn't b right
cuz i've gotten lucky 2 some pretty bad tunes

must be the moon
must be the moon

kissing in the cab on the way back cross the bridge
she said "love is love but a fuck is what it is"
"and what's that?" she must have read my mind
cuz she looked in2 my eyes and she said "a good time"
she kissed me on the stairs and she kissed me on the porch
she kissed me as i fumbled with the key in the front door
1 time 2 times 3 times 4
but really who was keeping score
we did it on the bed and we did it on the floor
but i was surprised when i got the cold shoulder
(the next morning)
she said 'u just got me hot, i finished off while you were snoring"

. . .

If you've got secrets then tell us
we can throw them all away

if you've got secrets then tell us
swear to god that we won't say
let lying dogs lie
when fear becomes a pleasure
the pressure puts the weight on no one else's back
remember never admit it
it's a simple case of fitting fantasy into fact

oh what a shame
can't give a new name

if you woke up this morning found that all the clocks had stopped
if you woke up this morning then you're halfway to the top
keep climbing up up
thank your mother or whomever
now put your hands together for a brighter day
heavy rocks in your pocket just drop it fill the pit
now give it a new name
oh no more shame give it a new name

. . .

Her face, her face didnt change the whole damn time
when suddenly suddenly she left the room crying
turned her cards, turned her cards over they were shocked 2 find
one card, none of them had ever seen dealt
was a heart of hearts

staring, staring out the window like somethings missing
talking, talking 2 himself but not even he is listening
read the letter, read the letter over he was shocked to find
dear u, the heart is nothing but, nothing but a shell
4 your heart of hearts

talking bout real love baby
it's such a precious thing
it's got 2 be true love baby
it's such a precious thing
it's got 2 be true love baby
it's such a precious things
cuz we're all just fumbling baby
fumbling in the dark
4 a heart of hearts

. . .

Been sitting so long thought I forgot how to walk
In the midst of all the stillness there's a new kind of knock
Knock knock in my head not not in the bed
Pull the covers sleeping underneath a blanket of dread

Night time right time
every living thing every feather finger fin
Minutes in between
Push us further from the sea

Elementary high university why
After school it's up to you
To fabricate all the lies

Close the window blinds
stick to only your kind
Strength in numbers means your just another number in line

Unfed undead talking in our sleep
Resolutions we can't keep
Unsaid unread slipping in the deep
Never sowing what we reap

Just say goodbye to the phases
The sweet life

. . .

I'll take any one
New York to London
They say "Brave men run" to the sound of a gun
I'm fixing to hit you

You'd better make
You'd better make your bed tonight
You'd better take
Take your breath tonight

I'll take every one
New York to the sun
They say "brave men run" to the sound of fun

You'd better make
You'd better make your bed tonight
You'd better take
Take your breath tonight

I'm fixing to kiss you

All night long

. . .

Infinite open eternity eternally just let it happen one hundred percent moment
Say fear is good cause that's how you know where you've got to break through
Yourself misunderstood why should you even care you're scared of you

before you know it, you're like don't don't don't stop
don't don't don't stop
Bend over beethoven
Tell mother the news

It don't matter what it means
Everybody knows that life's a dream

. . .

Break In Case Of Anything

[No lyrics]

. . .

Don't wanna tell the story again
anyone who's everyone
already knows what happened
sorry shit worked out this way
was the only thing that anybody really could say when she walked in
the line is thin between sad and funny
and i can only really speak for me but i didn't see no one laughing
you can think of all the things you'd do different
nothings gonna change the fact that you didn't
nothings gonna change nothing

And if it sounds stupid to say
that all the world needs is a little more love
then how come it's so hard to figure out?
how come it's so hard to figure out?

you can scream and you can yell
you can bitch about the cards your dealt
but you'll feel it till the feeling's felt

cuz everything's been built on guesses
no guarantees of what the next is
time never pushes, it only presses

And no one talked the whole way home
everybody just stared at the road
and i rolled down my window
and leaned out leaned out
and watched the lights

. . .

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