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Background information
Birth name Jahmaal Fyffe
Born November 26, 1990
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 2008—present
Label(s) Sony Music
Associated acts Tinchy Stryder
Boy Better Know
Jay Sean
Daisy Dares You
DJ Ironik
Website Website

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Chipmunk Lyrics

"I Am (Interval)" lyrics

A little interval
To remind you people
I still do what I do
Holla at me M
Let me go

You talk money I overstand ya
Money is the motive everyday I want my grands up
I weren't the kid in class front row with my hands up
But somehow I still pass
Hit yard and still bar
[? ]
Commercial incredible I mouth off
Cause I can water down a single for the charts
[? ]
I'm the one prick, eyes so fly I'm not the one to f*ck with
[? ]
Time is of the essence you boys can't smell it
Chip, so chill with your blunt noses
If you see me, ya cool stop the hard poses
I don't fair posin'
I am not jokin'
I am tryin' to get the bread I don't do loafin'

[? ]
No lie I'm tryin' stay alive to make a killin'
Send it I kill it
My features alive
A sixteen verse turn your song into mine
Chea, throw me an A even
Odd thoughts in my brain
No I ain't even
No I ain't leavin'
Better see me dim
[? ]
Still here
Pissed off half the game
Doin' it for years and ain't got half my name
I'm still not the same cause I made the change
Cause I spit the good shit and made the change
N*ggas say I sold out please
I never made an album for the cheese
I made an album that represents me (I AM)
Besides I do as I please

Jeez louise julius cease the beat
[? ]
First link sees the beat
I don't know what you heard about me
But don't leave your girl around me
You can see I got swag (no lie)
When it comes to word play I'm a dad (father)
Laid back cruise 'round in a cab
But I wear with' money on my hands
And the girls go weak for the tax (they go weak)
Inc made me I get a hit
So I put me inc in the skin (some new tats)
And the ice doesn't freeze my drinks
So I put me some in the rink

Bling bling blackberry ring ring
Ya got money over here
I am in (yup yup)
Seems what I'm tellin' them
The other thing that I'm in is telligent
And look me no liar
Pyrotechnic I play with fire
And I have everything they require
And everything I wear is designer (head to toe)
Fire a liar I'm hot
If they got swag what have I got (somethin' else)
I'm the head of flash kids
Don't look over here if you ever [? ] shit (shut your eyes what)
My foots down on the pedal
The best weed couldn't get your boys on my level (too high)
So how you gonna finish me
[? ]
And tip toe on top of it
No [? ] more you ain't topin' it
You correctin' boy put a sock in it
[? ] n*gga I'm on top a' shit

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