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Chico DeBarge

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Chico DeBarge Lyrics

"Talk To Me" lyrics

Lately, you've been running away from me
Don't you think you're acting too tough
I don't want to put it off another day
Do you think I'm asking too much

Talk to me, baby

Converse with me now
You know I really think you
Oughta tell me you love me
Show me now, you know I
Really think you oughta

Rhythm and romance seem to fade away
I know we've been needing a change
It just don't get it when you put all day
Cause you know you're my everything
And I can't wait, come on

[repeat CHORUS]

Now is the time to let your love show
Tell me now, let me know
Girl, there's a lot to build our love on
Don't delay, hurry

I think I'll call her up
Yeah, I'll call her up now
Come on, I know you're home
Answer, pick it up

[repeat CHORUS]

Talk to me, baby
Talk to me, girl
You know I really think you oughta
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
Tell me, tell me you do love
I really think you oughta

[repeat CHORUS 2x to fade]

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