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Brandon DiCamillo

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Brandon DiCamillo Lyrics

"Gay Fags" lyrics

wooody ooody doo
look what I can do
I'll sit on a cock
I'll fuck it too

wooody wow
my ass is ready tonight
so rape it
I won't put up a fight

I'm delicious to fuck
on a man's dick I'll suck
wooody woo

mark my name is Rake
for goodness' sake
I'll rape your ass everyday
and eat a cheese cake

watch me at the family fun center
I'm in a slip n slide
I'm naked as shit and I'm sliding inside
ten motherfuckers with a dick ten feet wide

fuck me in the middle of a flight
in bad fucking weather

my tape measure will define
how much pleasure I can hide in my asshole
woooody wooo woah no

and whistle a woody
come here let me sit on you
and fuck hoody hahaha

oh yeah grab it and roll
and like a rock bury it in my hole
Easter Bunny must have been too scared
too bang my ass down there

watch me fuck all slow
there's no need to panic
I'll see a man
I'll squat on his ass
and fuck it so fast
like a tasty sea bass

wow ow ow
over and over
wow ow ow
bend me over
wow wow
I meant to say fuck me tonight
if you're a man my ass ain't tight
unplug the cord hahahaha

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