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Brandi Carlile

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Brandi Carlile Lyrics

"Love Songs" lyrics

I could never write a love song
I could never write a blue song
When I'm in love I am a lover
but I will always had the blues

I'm afraid that no one sees me
What will they say when I'm gone
It occureds to me I think I miss you
I think I miss you all along

Aaaaa Aaaa

Out of the corner of my eye
I surefire to think these tings of you
At the wrong place at the wrong time
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I think It's just my turn to loose

Thoughts of you could give me smilelines
I'll laugh myself to sleep because I knew
I will talk about a fineline
Depends on who you're talking to

Aaaaa Aaaaa Ooooo ( Cello )

If it's said a conselation
The blues has always had me too
And if I'll ever write a love song
I think I'll write it about you (Wink at somebody!)

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