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Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie Raitt

Background information
Birth name Bonnie Lynn Raitt
Born November 8, 1949
Born place Burbank, California, United States
Genre(s) Country
Blues Rock
Years active 1971—present
Label(s) Capitol Records
Website Website

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Bonnie Raitt Lyrics

"(I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend" lyrics

Fate is mighty cruel
Where true love is concerned
It seems you give out more
Than you ever have returned
Lately I have tried
To make it on my own
Another nite has passed
Looks like I’m bound to be alone
Bound to be alone

Now solitude is fine
When you really need it
When your soul is dry
Sometimes loneliness can feed it
When you need a lover
You know there’s nothin’ else will do
When you need love most
You know it turns it’s back on you

Oh, I can make it thru without your company
I only wish I knew why you won’t comfort me
I thot that I could count on you
To hear me cryin’ out
I guess that’s one comfort
I will learn to do without

Fallin love too easily
But never quite so fast
so you are not the first and, lord
You sure won’t be the last
The thing about the situation
That makes me feel so sad
I could’ve been the best old friend
That you have ever had
I could’ve been the best old friend
That you have ever had

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