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Blues Explosion
Blues Explosion

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Blues Explosion Lyrics

"She Said" lyrics

Baby, have mercy, please don't be unkind!
I remember chips of woman let me down and blew my mind.
For out of my back, she's gonna look way back into the back of my eyes.
She said: "You've done your baby wrong and you know you're gonna die tonight."

Now, the villagers are coming with a pitchfork and a screaming dog.
I got long black hair growing way out of the back of my skull.
Feeling kinda itchy, I got blood on my mouth.
She said: "You gotta get away, come on baby, go on way down south!"

She said, she said, she said, she said.

She said: "You got nothing left, you ain't a man no more, you're outta control.
And the moon, baby, is blooming, you're gonna find out, what it's like to lose your soul."
Now, my teeth are long, hair's growing on my palm. What have I done?
I said: "Get up now, please baby! Come on! I gotta fly, I gotta run."

She said, she said, she said, she said.

I crave to taste the blood. Lord almighty, good Loard above, my soul is lost!
I said: "I curse the day that I ever was born!"
Baby, have mercy, don't you hear me screaming in pain?
I said my prayers at night, come on please, I won't forsake your name!

They're gonna lay me right here in this marshy swamp.
Hit by a silver bullet right throught my heart.

She said, she said, she said.
She said: "Werewolf".
She said: "Werewolf".
She said: "Werewolf".

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